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DUNNKNIT DESIGNS is a Dad and Daughter team based in Cheshire.  


‘Hi’ I’m Claire the designer maker of SUPER CHUNKY MERINO KNITS AND NEEDLE ARTWORK and Dad is the engineer, woodturner behind the business who likes to take a back seat.

Everything you see at DUNNKNIT DESIGNS is designed by us and made by us using Dad’s beautifully handcrafted tools and giant un-spun Merino wool that I prepare and process by hand in order to make every item as durable as possible whilst still retaining the luxurious feel and texture that we associate with Merino wool. This preparing and processing of such a premium natural fibre is a real labour of love but definitely worth the wait.




From Hat’s, Scarves and Chunky Knit Ponchos to Blankets, Throws, Cushions and Pet Beds to our best selling Footstools collection, after years of designing and making all things MERINO in an absolute rainbow of colours we now have a collection of unique designs that we’re really proud of.  




Our design process usually starts off with a crazy idea from me and a sketch book full of drawings and scribbles, which in turn, become a reality after a discussion with Dad around the kitchen table over dinner or a cuppa.  Dad then sets to making the tools for the job, he is an engineer and wood turner and has literally handcrafted and made every single tool in my studio from beautiful pieces of Ash, Beech, Oak and Mahogany along with all the buttons, toggles and basically anything wood that’s used as part of my designs. He’s an absolute whizz on the tools. From needle threaders to pom-pom templates to giant crochet hooks and monster knitting needles 2m long, he’s made them all in varying sizes to suit every one of my designs. So with beautiful tools in hand, it’s then over to me to get creating and tweaking. It sounds simple but believe me, it’s not, every single finished item from Dunnknit Designs is a labour of love and creativity.  We absolutely adore doing what we do and we hope you like our designs too!


DUNNKNIT DESIGNS launched back in 2016 but why?

Here’s our back story if you fancy grabbing a cuppa and finding out how it all began....


What started as a simple hobby working with Granny as a child soon became a big part of my education path and after gaining a B.Ed degree in Fine Art and Textiles I went into teaching. Throughout my 24 years working in education up and down the country I have always had a passion to be creative, and in recent years that creativity has become a tangible and viable business idea. 


I have always focused on large scale work whether it be painting or textiles but my love for texture and colour has always brought me back to textiles where I've constantly strived to make that 'something' that was a little bit different. I guess I'm quietly rebellious against mass production and would love to keep the art of working with traditional methods ongoing to create beautiful ‘one of a kind’ creations for other people to enjoy. 




Quite simply, in my opinion it’s the best, and once I’d discovered ‘un-spun’ Merino wool after a visit to a local mill, I was hooked. I’ve dabbled with needle Art, working with wool and a felt backing before but I simply adore working with the fine fibres of un-spun Merino to create unique one off pieces.  So what about knitting with this giant stuff?  Well, I started researching, drawing, designing and experimenting with this candy floss type medium which shed all over everything it touched and eventually after nearly two years in the planning and development stage I had worked out how to make the most of this beautifully soft chunky wool and most importantly how to process it to make it durable and long lasting which is a secret now under lock and key. 


So that’s how Dunnknit Designs came about. My sister came up with the name from a play on words. From Claire Dunnett Designs to Dunnett Designs to Dunn-knit Designs, you get the drift! I waved goodbye to school in July 2016 and I am loving every minute of working with Dad on our adventure creating beautiful bespoke pieces.
I am constantly working on new ideas and designs with the hope that every piece will be eye catching and that little bit different. I hope you love my designs and knitted goodies as much as I enjoy creating them.


Claire x

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