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A Splash of Mustard Yellow!

So the question this week is, Who likes Yellow? Well it would appear that Yellow, particularly in this beautiful Mustard shade is the 'In" colour of the season. I knew that Mustard Yellow was to be a fashionable colour for 2017 based on lots of research that I did when I was choosing my new Dunnknit Designs colour palette but honestly, I had no idea quite how popular it would become.

This gorgeous shade of Yellow is simply stunning in Un-spun Merino Wool and I have found myself working with it a great deal lately. However, I've been intrigued as to what colour themes this 'Yellow' is being used with.

Many of the home decor magazines are featuring this beautiful shade and are showcasing it along side some different shades that you may never have thought of.

So, for this week's blog, I thought I'd share with you some of the many colours that are being fashioned at the moment for those of you who are always on the look out to add a splash of that 'little something different' to your home just like me. This colour palette seems to epitomize exactly the colours that you lovely customers have been ordering lately too.

To add a coloured cushion here or there really creates an impact, particularly when seen in giant Merino yarn but the Bunbury Bumper Footstools and Budworth Beanie's to add a splash of colour to a room seem to be a bit of a WOW at the moment so a big thank you for that!

So which colours should and shouldn't be seen together? Well these days there are absolutely no rules. Colour is here for us all to enjoy. It's our chance to create that homely space to relax and enjoy life and why not?

Question: Do you have a neutral, calm coloured theme going on in your home? Have you delved into using 'Grey' as a theme or are you a fan of 'White'?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes' then why not add a splash of Mustard Yellow, Blue or Teal to your home too? You never know, you might like it. It would certainly be a talking point with your nearest and dearest!

A beautiful mix of Mustard Yellow and Greys look stunning here!

Personally, with a house that's constantly full of children and animals, as much as I love the neutral and white themes, it would't last five minutes in our house so yes you've guessed it, we've always gone for colour. I guess we just love it. Different colours for different rooms, themes and moods. No, I'm not intending to give you a run down of every room in our house as to what colours they are but guess what? A few months ago we painted our kitchen Mustard Yellow, and along with White units and Beech worktops it looks ace! (Well we think so anyway!).

Ok, so now you know I'm a huge fan of this new 'Mustard Yellow'. I appreciate it's not to everyone's taste and I for one am never one to follow the crowd and follow what everyone else is doing but to add a 'Splash of Mustard Yellow' for the season to brighten up a room and make people smile, then why not?

It's certainly a happy, fun colour and I know it definitely brightens my mood when I'm working with it, which has been a lot lately which is partly the reason for sharing in this week's blog.

So why not indulge in a 'Splash of Mustard Yellow'? And no I haven't got a special deal with the Mill for this colour, neither have I a bumper stock that I'm trying to get rid of. Questions which I'm sure some of you will now be thinking if not saying out loud.

No, I genuinely believe and always have done that colour plays a huge factor in our lives whether we realise it or not and with the seasons changing and daylight disappearing by the day, then it's Mustard Yellow all the way for me.

Another Question: Have I got you thinking about your own home decor yet? Could you do with adding a tad more colour? Or, are you afraid to add colour to your home or you think it would be too bright and garish? Maybe you hate bright colours. Well the fact is that colour affects our mood and wellbeing! Years and years of studying colour has at least taught me that much.

So what are your preferences? I'd love to know.

Ok, so I guess it's pretty obvious by now that colour is my thing! It always has been and I am so lucky to be working with such beautiful colours every day. From the Merino neutral shades to the bright Mustard Yellow and beyond, I love working with them all. So, if this blog has at least uplifted you for the few minutes that it's taken you to read this far, then I have achieved something and hopefully made you smile!

Here's sending a big colourhug out to all of you lovely lot who are sticking by to read my waffle every week. I love reading your comments and feedback and can't thank you enough!

So while the sunshine lasts as I'm writing this..... Happy Weekend folks!

Claire x

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