• Claire Dunnett

And Relax! It's Friday Feet up time!

On reading the title of this weekly blog if you just said 'If Only!' like I just did then I'm sure you're not alone. I know I'm a busy Mum, Wife, Daughter and Big Sister and sometimes all of the running around that we do for everyone else during the week often leaves us with very little 'Me Time'. That's where snatching even a 5 minute break occasionally to 'Put your feet up' comes in and there are lots of health benefits too!

The Budworth Beanie Footstool

So what has prompted me to write about 'Putting your feet up'?

Recently a good friend of mine sent me an article about just that. It was about the importance of literally taking 5 to 'Put your feet up!' We all lead busy lives with jobs and families but there's a lot of research out there about the benefits of lifting your feet off the ground somehow and according to the article there are the 5 main reasons.

1. It reduces edema in the legs and feet and improves circulation

2. It relieves tired leg muscles

3. It gives you all the benefits of inversion without the effort

4. It's super calming for the nervous system and relieves stress

5. It helps quiet the mind

I sound like I'm getting all medical now! I assure you I am by no means any kind of physician but this sounds good to me. What do you think?

Large Round Floor Cushion

Having a Footstool or Pouf of some kind in the house has always been the norm for our family. There's always been a need for someone, somewhere to rest their poorly or tired feet and legs up. (The snapshot above is how I found my husband after a busy day at work last Friday! I couldn't resist a quick pic!)

And those of you who kindly follow Dunnknit Designs on Instagram or Facebook will remember the broken heel incident with my dear Dad recently! Well the Budworth Beanie was used all day, everyday for weeks and thankfully he's on the mend.

The Budworth Beanie Footstool

I guess these are just some of the reasons why I instinctively listed the footstool on my initial list for Dunnknit Designs 'must haves' and it's catching on.

More and more I think people are realizing the invaluable uses of the simple footstool or floor cushion. I know in my household alone I think there's one in nearly every room. They certainly get used by everyone! For example, the children use them all as extra seating especially at movie time.

The Shakerley Floor Cushion

The oldies, which now sadly includes me apparently, like to put out feet up at the end of a busy day and the footstools and poufs even get used occasionally as little side tables for a book or dare I say it a plate of biscuits. (for visitors only of course!) I think they're too precious for drinks though!

The Budworth Beanie Footstool (Had to sneak this pic in because I love this Teal Merino colour)

The Budworth Beanie Footstool

Then we have the little Bunbury Bumper Footstool. The latest in the collection and I think the most popular at the moment.

The Bunbury Bumper Footstool