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Autumn has arrived!

Can you believe that it's the weekend again? Where did this week go? Time certainly flies when you're either super busy or enjoying yourself that's for sure. Well it's been a mixture of both here at Dunnknit Designs this week. Thanks to you lovely lot my website simply lit up with orders for my little cutiepie, The Bunbury Bumper Footstool after last weeks blog post and I've been non-stop making them. A big thank you for that!

Plus, if you don't know about my gang already, I have a couple of rowing fanatics in the house who along with early morning training sessions on Saturdays and Sundays and the racing season now underway, generally means that we spend a lot of our weekends travelling up and down the country to venues for races. This is lovely during the warmer weather in places like Stratford Upon Avon or Eton Dorney but Winter racing in Birkenhead Dock is a different story, believe me. Yes you guessed it, it's usually blimin cold for us parents and spectators walking up and down those riverbanks, and along with those of you who are Football or Rugby parents or spectators know only too well that we need to be prepared.

In the past I've invested in a feather down long length coat which is my absolute 'go to' for those cold sporting venues and early morning dog walks. Then last Winter I made it a priority to design a selection of Merino Wool chunky knit scarves to keep you all cosy warm and to hopefully create designs that would cater for everyone.

Now un-spun Merino Wool, if you're still to experience the feel and handle of it, is beautifully soft next to the skin. I've written a whole blog post on 'Why Merino Wool?' but basically it's hypoallergenic and doesn't itch. I simply love it and love the chunkiness of the full width un-spun yarn. So much so that I have designed some Super Chunky knit scarves which suit this thickness of wool perfectly and I'm able to offer them to you in a great selection of colours too.

Here we have the GIANT CHUNKY KNIT SCARF in Natural White. It's approximately 2 meters long and 20cm wide and looks amazing with almost any outfit for the cold winter months. £70

The GIANT CHAIN SCARF is also made with full width Merino yarn but this one is crocheted rather than knitted. This scarf is also 2 meters long and about 12cm wide. £60

Or how about this LONG WRAP RIB SCARF seen here in Seal Grey? This is also made with full width Merino Wool but is not quite as dense as the last two statement pieces. Approx 170cmm long and 20cm wide £50

Or maybe like me you're a Pom-pom fan. Again using full width Chunky Merino Wool, this crocheted chain scarf seen here in Marl Grey is about 140cm long and 8cm wide. £45

Now as much as I personally adore these giant knits and I know lots of you do too, I appreciate that they are simply too big for some people. So that's where the Chunky Collars come in. I started off by designing a small version which simply sits around the neck and can either fasten with a ribbon or a handmade wooden button (compliments of my wood-turning super talented Dad). £25

Or... there's the bigger version of this, the Large Collar which looks amazing over a Winter Coat seen here in Midnight Blue, Ruby Red and Mink Blush. £35

So there you have the majority of my Dunnknit Designs big Chunky Knit Scarf collection, but it doesn't end there. Oh no!!!!!

As I've already mentioned all of the above scarves are made using Un-spun 'full width' Merino Wool. They're big, they're chunky, they're super soft and as with all of my Merino knits, they're processed and treated to make them long lasting and as durable as possible.

But if these are still too big for you then I have a range of scarves that are knitted or crocheted using half or even quarter width un-spun Merino wool. Now I'm probably giving some design secrets away here but I laboriously split the wool by hand, yes every single mile of it and then I process and treat it in the same way as my other items and 'No' I'm not giving that secret away too!

So here we have some smaller lighter weight garments, many of which are my best sellers.

Firstly we have the ever popular SHORT CROSSOVER SCARF. £35 Appox 110cm long and 10cm wide. These suit everyone, young and old and a design that I think I am most proud of. It features a neat, flat panel where again there is a handmade wooden button that you can simply fasten anywhere you like along the length of knit to create the look that you are after.

Or maybe, you'd like this design a little bit longer as a LONG WRAP AROUND SCARF seen here in Seal Grey. Approx 170cm long and 10cm wide. £40

Then we have THE LONG CHAIN SCARF. This is a crocheted 2m long wrap around scarf and is about 8cm wide £45

Now, last but not least, (deep breath), we have one of my favourites, THE HEADBAND SCARF. It's the smallest scarf in the whole collection but probably the most versatile as it can be worn in two different ways. I lived in this one last Winter! I wore it around my head to cover up my cold ears walking the dogs on the days that I didn't feel like wearing a hat, then for general use I wore it constantly around my neck. It's so cosy and yippee 'No Itch!' £25

So there you have it! 10 designs to choose from and every single one of them is available in lots of different colours and all handmade in Merino Wool from my small studio in Cheshire. (Just so you know.....all prices are based on wool weight. So basically, the more you pay, the more Merino you get.)

I think all that's left for me to say now is a big thank you, as always to my lovely model Liv for being so patient with me and to wish you all a 'Happy Weekend' whatever you're doing.

Thank you for sticking with me,

Until next time,

Claire x

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