• Claire Dunnett

Autumn Shake up!

Is it just me or do you think it's feeling like Autumn already?

As soon as the children are back at school, life in some respects gets quieter in our household yet on the other hand September seems to mark the beginning of busy chaos once again! All good fun though hey! Well it is if you love your job anyway!

Here at Dunnknit Designs things are certainly beginning to shake up. After a very busy summer juggling family life, holidays and a design business I'm back with a bang and my design head is certainly switched on. Yes there's lots of new ideas in the pipeline and the sketchbook is getting well used. The new colours have been ordered, the new Artwork collection is growing, stock is piling up ready for dare I say Christmas and it's been blankets and cushions galore lately.

Yep, I'm delighted to say that I've now discovered that I'm not the only person out there who adores cushions. They're just so cosy and allow you to change the look of a room in a blink. Be it a giant floor cushion which let's face it makes a statement all by itself or simply a scatter cushion on your bed or sofa, they're fantastic.

So, yes you guessed it I'm focusing on the good old 'Cushion' this week. I know that some of you will no doubt have had the same old cushions knocking around the house forever as they seem to accumulate somehow and they're just that one accessory that we can never seem to part with. Well surely then it's time to treat yourself and 'Shake up' the look of your bed or sofa. Go on, you know you want to really!

Ok so I admit it loud and clear that I'm addicted to cushions and just love them. They're everywhere in our house. In fact I think there's probably a cushion in every single room of the house, apart from the bathrooms. They just make you smile. We have some with sayings on them, some with prints, embroidered ones and then obviously giant chunky knitted cushions too! Here's a peek at some of the cushions that adorn our Dunnett household.

What do you think of my latest addition to the collection? It's the centre piece in the above pic. I couldn't resist it. I only bought it yesterday and it's still got it's label on. It's by the wonderful 'Needle Print' and it's a print of an old sewing machine. It's so like my old Singer Sewing Machine. One for the studio I think, I just love it!

Ok so now that I"m well and truly wallowing in the world of 'Cushions' and I've shared our personal collection with you, maybe you'd like to share some images of your favourites too or even update your collection with a new addition from Dunnknit Designs. I'd love to see the kind of shapes and designs that you have at home. All in the name of research of course!

Here are some of my new Dunnknit Designed cushions. I'm not going to go into great detail of each design with sizes and prices etc, please pop over to the Cushions drop down link on the website for more information.

So if you haven't browsed the collection already, let me introduce you to The 'Classic' Cushion which is knitted in the classic garter stitch and is available in the Square or Rectangular shape.

Or how about a cushion with one of Dad's famous handmade buttons? Again available in the square or rectangular style and knitted up in the stockinette stitch.

Or maybe you fancy a member of The 'Brights' collection to enhance your decor. You really cannot beat a splash of colour in a neutral decor to add a touch of 'WOW'. Available in these 4 bright colours in the modern moss stitch, these cushions are just lovely.

Then maybe a round cushion could just add that little something to your home decor. These beauties are crocheted and come in two sizes. I love these!

But if you prefer a more traditional design (with a modern twist) then we have the Square Panel Cushion which is completely handmade and has a a knitted Merino panel to the top. Very classy!