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Bank Holiday Madness!

It's the Bank Holiday weekend folks! Can you believe it's May already? When did that happen?

So what do I mean by 'Madness'? What's been happening at Dunnknit Designs HQ this week?

Well apart from being totally unprepared for a Bank Holiday discount that I had planned to do, I've been completely and utterly sidetracked because I've started to work on some new designs for Autumn/ Winter and got completely carried away with one particular design. A crazy, mad thought I know in May, but I actually managed to plan in a couple of days this week to get going again on my sketch book and it's turned out being a few days of exciting designer madness.

Why?? Well I've had a busy few weeks and it all started last weekend when due to GCSE exam revision going on at home, I decided to have a bit of a Spring clean of the studio. Now as we all know I work with the most beautiful giant Merino Wool which is stunning in itself and being a premium product comes with a price tag too! Well, you guessed it, I never throw even the tiniest bits of wool away. After all, "Waste not want not" as my Granny used to say.

So I've been putting some odds and ends of Merino Wool to good use this week. However, what started off as a bit of a design experiment, actually turned into something great. It's funny how things work out sometimes.

It started off with me spending nearly a whole day simply working and felting some beautiful shades of Merino wool which eventually turned into a gigantic ball of colour! Dad simply couldn't believe his eyes!

Now here's where I made a daft mistake, as I completely neglected to take a photo of the madly coloured giant ball of Merino gorgeousness. I was that keen to get going on making a new design that I've been working on that I just waded in and set to knitting. I was so excited to get going using yet more new handmade knitting needles that Dad has made for me.

And 'Ta-da' this lovely jumper was the result!

So how did I make it?

I started off by making the back panel to test out my design first as I simply adore the classic stockinette stitch in a chunky knit jumper. It's a stitch that lies quite flat and for this project I wanted to show off the beauty of the un-spun chunky merino wool that I had previously painstakingly prepared.

Two of my favourite colours for chunky knitwear are 'Charcoal' and 'Midnight Blue'. I actually made a poncho for myself last winter which I wore non-stop and I adore the dark colour, but for this design I wanted to try using the Midnight Blue as the grounding colour for the back piece and cuffs.

Once I was happy with the back piece, I set to knitting up the front and sleeves and I began to love the way the colours ran in to each other as I gradually worked my way through my giant ball of coloured Merino Wool that I had painstakingly prepared earlier. I wanted a boat neck design and a boxy drop shouldered shape to the front. My new design was coming together nicely.

Then came the fun part. It was time to sew my masterpiece together and add in a couple of finishing touches. As you know I love to crochet and just couldn't resist adding a signature crocheted design around the hem of the jumper to add a special detail. I think this is my favourite part of the whole design.

So there you have it! My latest creation, hot off my not so giant knitting needles this week. I almost feel like I've painted a jumper in wool. To me the front of it looks like a work of art in itself and this is exactly how I intend to make these beauties for a new Autumn/ Winter collection.

Unlike many other items from Dunnknit Designs which tend to be made to order. Each chunky knit Merino Wool jumper will be a 'One Off' design and once it's gone, it's gone! Of course I won't be using ends of wool or left overs like I have here. Now that I have a new design that I adore and judging by the comments on social media last night, is looking like it might be a hit, I intend to choose my colours carefully and cannot wait to get 'Painting' more jumpers in wool.

What I do know though, is that each design will have a grounding colour to the back and cuffs, it will have an array of colours to the front and each one will have a signature crocheted design around the hem to add that something a little bit special. 'Ooh the possibilities are endless'. What colours would you like to see in one of these chunky jumpers for the Autumn/ Winter? Brights? Pastels? Neutrals? If you have a preference, do let me know! I might even alter the sizing of each one slightly too and make them as either a Size 1 (Small/ Medium) or a Size 2 (Medium/ Large). How exciting is that? I can't wait to get cracking on the next one now.

So, as you can see it's been a bit of an exciting crazy week of designing madness. I can only apologise if you were expecting a usual Bank Holiday Dunnknit Designs discount this weekend. Plus we have a wonderful weekend of madness planned too! After all it's 3 days off, right? Yep, we're off to York tomorrow for a Rowing Regatta which should be exciting as I've shamefully never been to York. Then we have some friends coming to stay for a couple of days which should be a giggle! So I promise that I'll be more organised in the next couple of weeks and will offer a Dunnknit Designs discount code for the end of May Bank Holiday. How's that? I hope I'm forgiven!

Anyway, I hope you've got some fab things planned for a great three day weekend too and get to enjoy the sunshine that we've all been promised.

Until next time,

Claire x

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