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So here we are with only ten days to go until the big day. Are you organised and ready?

Eek, I'm not and simply writing those words has just sent a wave of panic over me.

But... not to worry, today has been a good day. In fact this week has been amazing. Let me fill you in.......

As you may recall, this time last week I was frantically getting ready for the Sale Arts Trail Christmas Bazaar in Manchester. Well it was BRILLIANT! To those of you who came along for a natter 'Hi' It was so lovely to see you and to put some faces to names. That's the thing about working all on your lonesome in a studio surrounded by Merino Wool, I constantly communicate via my laptop so it was simply wonderful to get out for a couple of days and see what the world looked like again. Believe me, it's been a while.

For two days we did nothing but chat and giggle, oh and sing Christmas songs and carols. The Trafford Music orchestra kept us entertained and the amazing ladies in the cafe served posh coffee and cake. What more could you ask for, except snow!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes on Saturday afternoon it started to snow and snow and snow! So much so it was still snowing when we were on our half hour journey home with signs all over the motorway giving weather warnings for Sunday.

We were expecting to wake up to 8" of snow on Sunday as was predicted but no, we were ok to get back to the Christmas Bazaar in time for opening at 10am for day two of the fun.

Fun it was too!

Take a look at the lovely Alison from Diddibox Flowers in Sale. She popped in to buy a hat on Saturday and came back to show us on Sunday. Doesn't she look great?

If you're wanting a peek. the lovely Craig from FISHINK (our new buddy who creates amazing Artwork) has put together a fantastic round up showcasing all the designer makers from the Bazaar. It's on my Dunnknit Designs Facebook page too.

Overall I made some great new friends and contacts in Manchester, shared experiences and knowledge of the world of a designer maker and definitely learned a lot. It's hard work though, especially when all of your makes weigh a ton. Why didn't I do Jewellery making at Uni?

So back to this week..... well once I'd spent most of Monday unpacking and putting the studio back together again, I was back to being knee deep in Ruby Red Merino Wool making Santa hat Tree Toppers. I had thought I'd made plenty back in September but oh no! I was still making some yesterday. They're lots of fun and don't they look great. A big thank you to everyone who has sent me photos of your Santa Hat Tree Toppers and Chunky Knits in action too. I love seeing them all.

Santa Hats aside, this week is where I truly want to say a great big THANK YOU for all of your Christmas orders. I have made some of the most beautiful items in some amazing colours and have loved and treasured every minute. I've had the pleasure of wrapping and sending surprises directly to unsuspecting friends and family and really feel as if I've been part of some of your Christmas preparations too. It's been an absolute joy! Here's one of my favourites. It's a Giant Shakerley Floor Cushion in White Merino Wool. I really didn't want to let it go. The squishy feather insert that I had made from the Edinburgh Feather Company, the Oak handmade toggles that my Dad made and the most beautiful White un-spun Shetland Wool made for a truly adorable gift.

So what's on your Wishlist this year?

I'm hoping for an Aabelard Apron from the lovely Philippa to stop all of my clothes being covered in fluff. They're beautifully handmade and British too! Look them up at

I've also had my eye on a Culinary Concept Test tube Vase for about the last year too! Well one can dream! I do think it would look stunning on my sideboard though full of greenery and a handful of lovely flowers.

Hey ho! less of the dreaming Claire and it's back to working on a few last orders for you lovely lot that are due out early next week. (If you're waiting on an order, please don't panic, I promise it's all in hand)

So that's it folks! My Christmas order book is now officially closed. The Mill is already closed for Christmas and the last days for posting anything is fast approaching. I guess I'd better get organised and get writing some Christmas cards. Thank goodness the hubster sent the ones to USA and Ireland earlier in the week. I must be busy because that's a first!

WOW it's been a busy one this year! I honestly could not have predicted it. It's been amazing. I tried to plan back in June but thinking about Christmas, even in September and October is difficult. Plus I'd have needed a crystal ball to have foreseen how things were going to go this year. All of the hard work on new designs and the responses from all of you has been fantastic, 'Thank You!'

So, I'm off to get working on those final orders that some of you lovely folk are waiting for....... plus I've a baking fest to do for our local Rowing event this weekend and it's snowing here again. Now which hat and scarf should I wear? Decisions, decisions! It might just have to be the big red and white one for a bit of fun.

Until next time where I will no doubt be wishing you all a 'Happy New Year'. I'm off to stay with family next week until the New Year so please be patient with me if you wish to place any orders over the next couple of weeks. I promise I'll be in touch but I'm officially putting my Giant Knitting and Crochet Needles down for a short time. My Needle Art Kit is going with me though! He he!

Have a lovely Christmas everyone,

Best Wishes

Claire xx

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