• Claire Dunnett

Fashion Trends Vs. Long Term Style

It's the fashion paradox - does being fashionable necessarily entail following trends? If some styles are immortal, then why continually experiment?

In the words of Yves St Laurant 'Fashion is temporary, style is eternal.'

I'm definitely with Yves St Laurant on this one! For as much as I love following the trends and current fashion, style to me is absolutely eternal but why shouldn't we experiment too? After all, we all love colour, don't we?

As I nattered on in my previous blog about personal style and taste, everyone is different. Plus if you're thinking about buying a Merino Wool Blanket or Throw then it's a premium product and a considered purchase and making the right colour selection is important. After all if looked after properly a Merino Wool item, being a natural fibre will last a lifetime!

Only recently I took a selection of colours to a local fair and randomly asked people which colours were their favourites. The response was surprising. I was amazed at how opinionated people are when it comes to colour. We definitely know what we like and don't like that's for sure and why not? After all when you're faced with an item such as a beautiful Merino Wool Throw, should you go for the latest trendy colour, for a colour that suits your decor at home or do you simply go for your favourite? It all comes down to personal choice which sometimes involves having to make decisions.

Decisions Decisions Decisions!

This has been me for the last couple of weeks. Yep, needing lots of help to make some colour decisions to revamp my blanket collection in order to make them in even more stunning Merino colours. A big thank you to everyone on Instagram and Facebook over the last couple of weeks. I really value your opinions and choices of colours.

Firstly the 100 Merino Wool colour samples arrived from the Mill and then I set too researching and hence my 'Colour Inspiration' project began. I looked at colours closer to home at first, in nature and then to the many beautiful photographs that some of my very talented family members and friends have agreed for me to use to help me choose new colours and simply be inspired to 'experiment'. (Plus an excuse to eat cake!)

The 'Neutrals' Collection of colours.

The 'Greens, Blues and Yellows' Collection.

The 'Pinks, Purples and Reds" Colour Collection.

Then came the research into 'The latest Trends'. Hour upon hour of scouring the big magazines, copious phone calls and searching the internet (where would we be without it?) and after lots of mood boards and colour charts later, I've put a few ideas together to share.

Here goes!

Question..... Do you like Yellow? If you like 'Catkin Yellow' or 'Mustard Yellow' then you're right on trend. Seen here used as a splash of colour in a neutrally decorated room I think it looks great.

Mustard Merino Wool Throw (my latest make)