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Fun Times!

And why not hey! We all have to have a bit of fun some time. Let me fill you in on what's been happening.....

Hi Everyone, I hope you've had a fantastic Easter break. We've had a lovely time, hence the radio silence for a short while. It started off with the family arriving and we ate, drank, ate and drank and did lots of walking to work off those calories. Thankfully the weather was kind to us too! It was great and just what we all needed.

So what"s been happening this last week at Dunnknit Designs?

Well there's been a lot of Mustard Yellow around plus a fun purchase and an exciting collaboration. So quite a lot really!

Firstly the Yellow and just why is it so popular?

This Mustard Yellow is an absolutely beautiful shade and the yellow story is definitely set to continue. Just like orange and red, mustard yellow is a warm colour. It has connotations of nature, sunshine and spring and is generally considered to be a happy and hopeful colour. Yellow works extremely well as a companion to darker colours too. It can brighten up a dark design enormously and can have a similar effect to red and orange in terms of catching the eye without being as bold. Yellow and blue are a popular combination, the yellow perking up more subdued and darker blues creating a high contrast. For more earthy colour schemes, mix yellow with brown and moss and olive green. Olive green is a very popular choice at the moment too.

So what have I been making?

I love working with Mustard Yellow as it's one of my favourites and I've had some fun with it too this week.

Crazy hey!

This little love affair with this Zebra vase started when I saw an Instagram post by Sophie Robinson Interiors over Easter.

He is from a company called AUDENZA. ( and I think he looks great.

Although when he arrived on Sunday, yes Sunday, of course our local florist was closed. So for a bit of fun I decided to knit a giant rose following an old pattern that I had from college.

Well as you can see, with my gigantic wool, the flower turned out to be enormous. It's certainly caused a stir on social media this week anyway.

Comments like 'he looks like he's ready for Ascot' have really made us giggle.

He's taken pride of place of our hall sideboard for now, well until I've decided which giant flower I fancy treating myself to anyway! I think he'll look great with some of our hydrangeas this summer but I'll have to be patient and wait for those.

So what's all this about a collaboration?

Well I know I'm a bit of a tease and I am busting to share my beyond exciting news, but I really cannot say much at the moment. What I can tell you is that this week I have been working with a big well known furniture company and Interior Designer providing chunky knits for their Autumn Winter and Christmas lookbooks. I can't believe it! I'm so excited to be taking part but will have to be very patient until it's all released with the press in the Autumn so that's all I can say for now! However, what I can say is that making lots of Christmas chunky knit goodies in April has definitely felt kinda strange. Exciting times ahead though that's for sure!

So I think that's enough of me rambling on for this week. There's a lot going on here at Dunnknit Designs HQ and I need to get back to it.

Enjoy your week ahead everyone and do let me know if you like my crazy Zebra or whether I've managed to persuade you to give a splash of yellow a go, I'd love to know!

Until next time

Claire x

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