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Do you often find yourself searching online looking for a unique gift for someone? I definitely know I do. Where do you look? What do you search for? A gift for him or her? Do you look for personalised gifts or maybe you have the tricky task of looking for a gift for a couple or family or to send a gift from afar?

Gifting has definitely been a task and a half for many of us over the last year or so with local fairs, markets and shops closed. So how did you do? Personally I tried my best to support my fellow makers and creatives either through Etsy shops, online or through Instagram and Facebook. I found some absolute gems and must make a giant shout out to everyone who made a purchase from my Dunnknit Designs Etsy shop and Instagram too! THANK YOU!

When it comes to gifting, one thing is for sure, most of us tend to try and find that 'something a little bit different or unique'. For me such gifts are usually handmade. I feel that if I appreciate the skill and time that has gone into making something then whoever I'm gifting to will too.

Over the last few months I have been totally blessed in being asked to work on some commissioned Artwork gifts. This process starts with a customer sending through a photograph and we go from there. I often work on landscapes as memorable places are always a favourite and floral flower displays captured in Merino wool as forever keepsakes look great too. Here are a few examples of what I've been busy behind the scenes working on.


(Image approx 16cm x 11cm, Overall frame approx 28cm x 23cm)

Painting using Merino Wool is definitely a challenge and has its limitations as you can't mix colours like you would when using paint. However, the end result is definitely unique and a talking point amongst recipients.


I love the beaches in Wales so thoroughly enjoyed working on these two pieces. It's the closest I've come to a beach in the last few months anyway!

I've absolutely loved working on a few Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift and New Baby Gift commissions too. These make great gifts as they're great to post and are a lasting memory of beautiful flowers from a beautiful occasion.

(Image 10cm x 10cm, Overall frame 16.5cm x 16.5cm)

If you would like to commission a little Artwork Gift then get in touch. (Prices range from £35-£70). They always come beautifully packaged so there's no need to get wrapping. I'm more than happy to write a card or message to the recipient too if sending a gift directly.

So please, if you can and you're gifting to someone in the next few months, try and support all the independent makers and creatives out there. A friend sent me this recently and I think it says it all!

Until next time,

Claire x

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