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And what an Easter it's going to be! Well hopefully anyway. A lot has happened here at Dunnknit Designs HQ since my last ramblings on last week and thankfully I did have some help from my wonderful Dad.

So what have we been up to? Well we had a rush on some new Maplas Midway stools and a few Tabley Talls too so sparks have been flying on my giant crochet hook which is my absolute fave to work with so I've loved every minute and Dad got called in to help with the usual woodworking side of things. What a team!

Plus everything seems to have been yellow this week. I cannot believe it! Honestly every order that has come in has been for Mustard Yellow. It's definitely the 'in' colour! I love it!

And now here I am writing this blog on a beautiful sunny morning and it's Good Friday!

Easter seems to have been a long time coming after all of the bad weather that we've had and it feels like this last term of school has gone on forever. (It's GCSE time in our house) Let alone all of the cold, wet and windy rowing events that we've been to weekend after weekend. Doesn't a bit of sunshine make a world of difference? Hello Spring!

So to cheer everybody up and bring a smile to those few of you who have been asking about my Artwork lately I'm doing an Easter discount of £10 off each and every picture. Only for the Easter weekend mind so you'll have to get in quickly if there's a picture that you have had your eye on and remember they are all originals so there's only one of each available!

Ok, so here it is........ simply add the code EASTER10 at the checkout on the website and I'll post your Dunnknit Designs Merino Wool original out to you asap next week! (I've even got some new posh boxes for them) Oh and remember that all UK orders are free P&P too!

So whatever you're up to over the next few days or school break, if you're lucky enough to have time off work with children, I hope you have a fantastic time.

The family have arrived at our house bearing lots of Easter yummies so no doubt we're going to be doing lots of eating and drinking over the next few days enjoying some family time! I think there may have to be lots of dog walking to walk off those extra calories so fingers crossed for some good weather.

'HAPPY EASTER' everyone and a big thank you to you for supporting my Dunnknit Designs venture! I'm loving every minute of it.

Until next time,

Claire x

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