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Happy Mother's Day!

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Cheshire today and I just wanted to wish all of you lovely Mum's out there a very 'Happy Mother's Day'. I hope you've started off the day with a smile, flowers and maybe even breakfast in bed.

Love it or hate it, Mother's Day can be a strange day for many. A friend of mine posted a quote from Sarah Millican this morning and it said:

"Hugs to those who find Mother's Day a struggle. Whether you don't get on, she's no longer here or whatever your story. I'm sending love xxx".

I'm a big fan of Instagram and Facebook and if you follow social media at all then you will see that Happy Mother's Day wishes are absolutely in full flow today.

If I'm honest I wasn't sure whether or not to join in with Mother's Day or even to write a blog this week as it's a strange day for me. It's 2 years in a couple of weeks time that my own Mum lost her 13 year fight with Dementia and sadly died and seeing cards, adverts and good wishes everywhere isn't easy at times as I'm sure many of you know only too well. However, this week a good friend who has also lost her Mum reminded me that although today might be a sad day, we also have to celebrate the fact that we are Mums too!


I woke up today to two dogs literally pouncing on me in bed, lots of smiles, flowers and a new top that had been carefully chosen by my lovely 16 year old. (It was her birthday on Monday). As for the breakfast, well seeing as my lot were diving out of the door to rowing training at 8.30am this morning I guess some of us can dream hey! A lovely dose of 'Me time' is wonderful though, for a couple of hours anyway.

So what's been happening at Dunnknit Designs HQ this week?

Well apart from 16th Birthday celebrations on Monday (I still can't believe she's 16) I've been busy making Mother's Day gifts and frantically sending them out in time for today. I am so glad that the weather has warmed up a little. I really felt for the courier guys last week during the snow. It was grim here! Mind you I mustn't forget good old Royal Mail. They provide an excellent service and our local post office is fab. Saying that I have got everything crossed today that all of my timings have worked out as planned regarding deliveries this week.

This last week has just flown by.

From answering emails, knitting up fantastic new colours, processing designs, sewing, packing up Artwork and Chunky Knits and countless runs to the Post Office. Plus I even managed to squeeze in a well needed catch up meal out with my girl friends. It's been a crazy hive of happiness!

So to all you lovely Mum's today wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Happy Mother's Day!

Claire x

(Apologies if this week's blog was emailed to you twice! There's been a gremlin in the system this morning which thankfully has now been fixed)

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