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Am I too late to wish you all a Happy New Year?

I hope not. Although I can't believe we're almost a week into January already. It all went so quickly.

Eventually after an absolutely unbelievably busy December which I will be eternally grateful to you all for, we just about made it to family for our Christmas stay in one piece and remarkably on time. It was amazingly peaceful being out in 'the sticks' for almost a whole week. This was my view everyday for the Christmas week.

The weather was a bit grim most days but the view, company and endless amounts of great food and drink was simply magical. We even had snow! As for the lazy lie-ins and late nights watching movies, well isn't that what Christmas is all about? Oh and we got to play lots of games too! Even though I seemed to keep losing it was lots of fun.

Now you didn't think I'd be able to sit still for that long now did you? Well I couldn't, I took photographs of this beautiful changing view every single day. It's amazing how the same view out of the same window can change so much. The colours were so different each time and we had some fabulous sunsets.

So yes you guessed it, I just had to capture such changing colours in wool. I managed to do 6 pictures in all which now need framing so watch this space if you like the view. Here's a sneaky peek at a couple of them.

So how was the Christmas break for you? I hope you got some time at least to relax, reflect and recharge ready for 2018.

I did a lot of relaxing, although it did take a while to wind down after working at such a crazy rate in the run up to the big day. And Christmas Day was great! It was a lovely quiet family day where we all managed to surprise each other with our gifts. Yes you guessed it, I got my beautiful vase and just look at my Aabelard Apron. The lovely Philippa even embossed DDKNITS on the leather for me. I love it and have already tried it out too!

I also got to take a peek at my Instagram best nine images of 2017 which was lovely to see. #bestnine2017 These are the top nine images on my Instagram feed as chosen by you! As for the fantastic reviews and photos that I kept receiving. I really cannot thank you enough. Every single time a message came through I was absolutely thrilled. From all of the Santa Hat Tree Toppers on your beautifully decorated Christmas Trees to pictures of you cosy and warm in your Dunnknit Designs Scarves and Ponchos. Thank you!

I think this collection just about sums up 2017 for me. It was simply amazing! When you're busy working, especially when you're engrossed in your job because you love what you do, you sometimes lose track of what's actually happened and forget to look back and take time to reflect and enjoy the moments. I've done lots of looking back and reflecting over the last couple of weeks and I hope you have too. Be it good or bad it's definitely a time when the planning for the coming year starts for me anyhoo!

So now our ever expanding collection of Christmas decorations are finally down and surprisingly packed away too!

We've had a lovely relaxing Christmas, even though the dreaded lurgy struck over our Wedding Anniversary (30th Dec) and New Year which put a stopper to things a bit but hey ho, it's that time of year right, when the bugs strike, but we plough on and although I'm somewhat slow at getting going again, I'm all ready to jump in to action! Well, nearly..... I have tried this week and have got a few orders out but the children in our area aren't back to school until Monday so the old teacher in me still feels like I'm on holiday. So Monday it is then......

So what's in store for 2018 for you? Have you had time to do any planning yet? Maybe a holiday or a new car or even a house move. I hope 2018 has exciting things in store for you anyway.

For me it's going to be lots of new projects that I've had planned for a while now. I've been storing them up in my bulging sketch book and can't wait to get going when there are less distractions around and we're all back to our regular routine. Plus the big one for The Dunnett household this year (once the dreaded GCSE's are over) is a big house extension later in Spring which I'm really looking forward to but not at the same time (if that makes sense?). I'm sure if you've been there and done that then you'll know what I mean. Oh and did I mention that the work will include a lovely new bright studio for me too? Exciting times ahead and I can't wait!

Until next time when hopefully I'll be back up to speed and will be thinking straight once I've beaten the flu. Enjoy your new week ahead and stay warm peeps, it's getting cold again! New Ponchos at the ready!

Happy January,

Claire x

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