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Hi everyone! IT'S DECEMBER! (I just shouted that as we can now officially, without feeling guilty talk about CHRISTMAS.)

I absolutely love Christmas especially when I'm all prepared. That is with Dunnknit Designs anyway, I haven't even thought about my own Christmas shopping yet! (eek!) In fact I read somewhere recently that if you own your own business, you should actually start thinking about Christmas in June. Well considering how busy I've been in the last few weeks, I think Christmas might just have to start in January for next year not September like I did this year. Even that felt early. However, it's all good fun and I'm loving every minute.

I'm officially drowning in Ruby Red Merino Wool but I love the stuff. Santa hat Tree Toppers, Santa hats, Stars and even Santa Sacks are flying out the door. Luckily for me I made a huge stock early on but I'm still constantly making them to keep up as I have a two day Christmas Fair coming up with Sale Arts Trail at The Claremont Centre in Sale next weekend 9th/ 10th December and I can't wait.

This has been a fab excuse for me to make lots of 'One Off' designs and lots and lots of my favourites that I love to share. I'm really looking forward to it and along with my dear old Sis it should be a really good giggle! Come along and say 'Hello' if you're free, we'd love to see you and I've seen the line up and there's going to be some amazingly talented designer/ makers sharing their work. (Take a peep at the website) I'm certainly going to be on the look out for lots of Christmas goodies. (I've definitely got my eye on Jo Lavelle's jewellery)

So apart from frantically making orders and Christmas stock, what else have I been up to? Well, after last week's shout out about there being 30% off all Artwork on the website for Black Friday, I spent the weekend packing up orders and keeping the website up to date. Thank you! I've removed a lot of pictures from the website now but there's still some available.



Then on Monday I gave a talk to Halton Ladies Group. I had been asked to do this by a lovely friend of my Mum's. She has been fascinated at my drastic change of career and was intrigued to find out more. So along with a hall of other ladies of a certain age, I went along as their guest speaker for the evening and gave my spiel with lots of funnies thrown in. I chatted about my inspirations, exasperations, challenges and triumphs. I took along as much as I could carry and we had a lovely evening!

Thank you ladies!

Also this week I have been asked to join in with CCiS (Cancer Campaign in Suffolk) and provide giant Santa Hats for their Christmas Campaign photo shoot. I think the T shirts are fab.

The charity are based in Suffolk and aim to help people before, during and after Cancer. This is an on-going project so I will post more about it when the photos have been released but the charity is working with a group of young adults on their Christmas Campaign and it sounds like a lot of fun. I'm only too pleased to be able to play a small part in it.

Then last but not least it's time for me to say that time is now sadly running out for me to get orders finished and posted out in time for Christmas. I've heard this week that the last Royal Mail postal date for the UK is DECEMBER 19th so working back 2-3 weeks which is usually how long it takes me to do a 'Made to Order' we're looking at a deadline of next Friday DECEMBER 8TH at the latest for last orders please folks. I've got lots of stock and ready mades which is fine, but please message me before ordering any huge bespoke orders to avoid disappointment. (In other words, don't leave it to the last minute like I usually do)

Well I think that's all for this week's update. There's exciting times ahead and I for one can't wait!


Until next time

Claire xx

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