• Claire Dunnett

Hello September

How exciting is September?

For me with my roots as a teacher it still signifies a new start, exciting times and challenges ahead and a time to feel energised after the Summer break and get cracking! Well that's exactly what's happening here at Dunnknit Designs.

So much has happened since I last popped on the blog with an update. I promise I won't bore you with lots of holiday pics but I feel a quick review is in order to at least catch up.

So.... the last you heard from me was that I had finished our lovely new Merino Wool wooden plaques (see the last blog post to catch up if you haven't read all about them).

Well as it turned out we hit a wee hitch in that I had got so carried away in the designing and making of these lovely wall hangings that I hadn't taken into account of how on earth I was going to post them to their new homes should anyone fall in love with them and wish to make a purchase. To cut a very long story short it's been a holy nightmare trying to get boxes made to fit, but I've gone and done it and they're now up on the website and ready to go. They now have their name tags too!

It's certainly been an eventful Summer here.

Why is it when you're busy having fun, time flies by so quickly?

In a nutshell, we've packed in a holiday to Antibes which was fandabidozi.

We managed to get to the Picasso Museum which was a first for me too!

Also this Summer our daughter passed both her driving test (1st time) and her exams and we've had lots of catching up with friends and family from the U.S.A and Ireland. It's all been amazing!