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It's Spring!

Have you sprung into Spring? I certainly have, (although I'm a tad late in posting a blog on the website to keep up). I absolutely love Spring and all that comes with it.

So what have we been up to?

Well March simply came and went as I took part in the 'MARCH MEET THE MAKER' challenge on Instagram. It was a really busy time but I just about managed to keep up with the daily challenges for the whole month.

The challenge is run each year and is co-ordinated by the amazing Joanne Hawker. It's purpose being to share lots of behind the scenes information on the crazy world of us makers and to try and show the rest of the world what we do and how we do it. If you follow Instagram then take a look at Dunnknit Designs. I found out such a lot about the world of designer makers and made lots of new contacts too. This is what I had to do......

Each day there was a prompt giving an idea of what to post. The challenge was hard work but was definitely worth doing. Take a peek over at Instagram if you’d like to find out lots more about Dunnknit Designs and the answers to all of the prompts above.

So now April is in full swing and judging by all of the orders that are coming in I'm guessing that many of you, and me included are starting to look at our homes to revamp and change things around a bit. There seems to be lots of decorating going on and furniture purchases being made. For us there's been a sudden rush on footstools and stools so I thought I'd share with you our most popular designs and some of the new colours that we've been making.

As always, our most popular design and best seller is 'THE BUNBURY BUMPER FOOTSTOOL'. Standing at approx 32cm tall and 34cm wide, this little four legged Merino Wool beauty makes a great addition to any room and is available in an array of colours. I've made a couple of Limited Editions recently too.

Next up we have our popular 'BUDWORTH BEANIE FOOTSTOOL'. This is one that will definitely attract attention . Measuring approx 40cm in diameter and standing at an approx height of 35cm each Budworth Beanie is completely handmade from start to finish and is the biggest of our footstool designs.

It consists of a sturdy beanbag inner that is panelled to give rigidity and a Merino or Shetland wool knitted cover that is hand processed to make it as durable as possible. The Budworth Beanie is certainly an eye catching piece and is available in a selection of colours.

Now for a giant! Here we have 'THE SHAKERLEY GIANT FLOOR CUSHION' which has also been a popular design recently. It consists of a giant feather cushion insert sourced from The Edinburgh Feather Company which is a family business est 1969 and has a crocheted Merino Wool cover which again is hand processed to make it as durable as possible. The giant oversized cushion cover is fastens together with four beautiful handmade toggles (made by Dad). These are some of the colours that we've made recently.

Then last but not least we have our best seller so far for 2019, 'THE MALPAS MIDWAY' stool. This stool is made from solid wood and has a hand crocheted removable Merino wool cover which is hand processed for durability. The Malpas Midway stool is a really good all rounder!

The Malpas Midway stands at approx 48cm tall and is a shorter version of the 'TABLEY TALL BAR STOOL' which stands at approx 73cm tall. Both designs have a seat diameter of approx 32cm.

(Unfortunately we only have a limited number of The Malpas Midway (2) and The Tabley Tall (6) stools left in stock at the moment and we're not sure if we're going to make another run. I'm in cahoots with Dad though so watch this space!)

So that's what we've been up to throughout March and we've definitely started April with a bang. We've lots of exciting plans for the months ahead and I'm looking forward to Merino Artwork season. I absolutely adore the colours in Spring and Summer and have already built up a collection of photos that I'm wanting to paint in wool and I have a couple of trips planned too. (I created around 60 artworks last year and now only have 4 remaining for sale so I'd best get myself organised.)

Until next time,

Claire x

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