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Remember this?

If you haven't seen the previous blog post, don't worry, I'll update you!

This pic is of some absolutely beautiful Merino Wool blends that I managed to get my hands on just before Christmas. However with all the madness at the time I didn't have time to do anything with them. Plus I certainly didn't want to rush into anything as I only had a limited amount of each colour way and they were a tad special to say the least.

So, for the start of 2019 I set to work sketching and designing and thinking long and hard as to which of my designs would best suit which Merino colour way. AND I've gone and done it! After weeks of hard work the results are all now ready to share!

Here goes.....


With its mixed blend of Merino and Silk threads, this giant yarn is absolutely stunning. Having not really worked with silk much before I have spent a long time testing and working the yarn to see how it would process in order to make it as durable as the Merino. I needn't have worried, the results were absolutely stunning and the giant yarn behaved beautifully!

I decided to split this yarn in the end to really showcase its individual colours as a blanket and you guessed it, I couldn't resist adding some removable Pom-Poms for that extra special touch too.


For the Typhoon collection I decided to go for it and make a few scarf and hat designs.

I love the different shades of blues and lilacs in this yarn so I've thrown in a couple of new designs too! Spot the Tassel Scarf with its handmade tassels and the Long Loopy wrap around Pom-Pom scarf too. This colour way is a mix of Merino colours and is absolutely beautiful.


The Lynx blended yarn is another mix of Merino and Silk and I simply couldn't resist making two of our best sellers with this beautiful blend, the Bunbury Bumper Footstool and the Chunky Knit Poncho. Purely because I wanted to try and showcase the amazing colours of this stunning chunky yarn.


So now it's February and it's almost the 14th too which can only mean 'Valentine's Day'. Whether you're a fan or not, I couldn't resist doing a heart design with this beautiful blended red Merino yarn. Partly if I'm honest, because I just love hearts and have a few dotted around the house in various guises. However, I was struggling with an idea on what to do. In the past I've knitted and crocheted hearts but I wanted to make something different this year.

I wanted to come up with a unique design, something that put our handy skills to the test so this inevitably turned into a discussion with 'good ole Dad', (the woodturner).

So many sketch book pages later and a very messy workshop later, we eventually came up with this piece of wall art in the shape of a heart.

It's something completely different for us so I hope you like it. It consists of a wooden base design and a threaded and hand cut super-soft and irresistibly touchable Merino topping, so a real collaboration on this one. It's been a long time in the making, believe me but hopefully, may just be the shape of more designs to come in the future!

And no I haven't forgotten about the beautiful 'TEMPEST'. It's just that I'm a tad guilty here as I truly couldn't resist making a Pom-Pom hat for myself before Christmas.

I do still have some of this gorgeous yarn left but if I'm honest I love it so much that I'm keeping it to one side for now!

So that's it!

This 'LIMITED EDITION' collection of designs are now all made up and ready to go. Along with the previous set of Merino and Soy Bean mixed yarn goodies, they are all up and running on the website and in our Etsy shop if you fancy a browse. Also there's a lot more details about each individual item in the listings so go have a peep.

Please just note that these are all 'ONE OFF', maybe never to be repeated designs in some absolutely stunning Merino blended yarns so once they're gone, they're gone! Certainly for now anyway.

Until next time!

Claire x

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