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Please don't be cross with me, but for once in my life I'm just being organised! Yes I know for many of you, even the thought of Christmas in October is ridiculous but then again for many it's the start of being stress free for the festive season. So for those of you who can't stand the idea of Christmas until at least December I apologise, and for those of you who have already thought about and bought all of your Christmas presents in July then may I introduce you to my Christmas collection of decorative Chunky knits that I have spent many months working on.

Yes, it has come as a shock to me too and for those of us who are designer makers, we really do have to think way ahead of the seasons to be prepared and organised. Believe it or not designing and making takes time and lots of it and I have learnt very quickly that thinking ahead of the times is definitely key to the success of a one girl band like little old me.

Have you forgiven me yet? I do hope so. I promise I'll get back to the Winter woolies next week for those of you who have been asking and I promise that there's lots of new designs for the cold season too.

Now for those of you who are maybe just starting to think about what you are planning to do for Christmas this year and just ...... maybe how you're going to decorate your lovely home this year, then .... maybe I could float a few ideas that I've been working on in your direction.

Firstly let me introduce you to this year's rendition of the SANTA HAT TREE TOPPER.

These have been in my family for years and once I started work with Dunnknit Designs it was a no brainer of an idea to continue with family tradition. It would certainly make me Granny proud anyway. I have decided to change the design slightly each year too. Last year I did a fancy crocheted design that was a huge success so this year I have gone for a simple contemporary version. I hope you like it. They are such fun perched on top of the Christmas Tree and best of all they don't wobble and fall off when the cat or dog is having a play with the tree decorations unlike the traditional star or angel. Plus they make great bottle wrapping ideas too. Something a little bit different and definitely a conversation starter at a party.

Next up we have the CHRISTMAS STOCKING.

These were a big success at Christmas fairs last year and definitely adorn our fireplace every year. They certainly add a festive feel to a room that's for sure and they're really squishy so you can fill them with lots of goodies for your loved ones! I love the addition of the red trim and the red hanging loop.

There's definitely something special about receiving gifts from a hand knitted stocking and they are loved by both children and adults each Christmas and hopefully will for many years to come.

Welcome to the good old SANTA SACK

Yet another favourite for the season and I love them! Standing at approx 60cm high and 45cm wide this super stretchy Santa sack is hand crocheted in one long run from start to finish, meaning that there are no seams to worry about once your sack is full of presents.

Can you imagine waking up on Christmas morning to see the face of a loved one when they see this beautiful handmade Santa Sack full of gifts? Whether it be for a child or a gift for an adult this super soft Merino wool addition to your home decor for Christmas morning will be sure to add that happy, cosy feeling to any room.

Now let's have a bit of fun! Yes it's the Human version of the SANTA HAT

It just has to be done every year, right? Well here it is in all it's glory and I really don't think it needs an explanation either, apart from the fact that, yes you guessed it, it's Merino Wool. of course! They're fab!

Now last but not least, my lovely new addition for this year, THE CHRISTMAS STAR

It just had to be done. Partly because I wanted a new centre piece for my Christmas table this year and a matching base for my Christmas card tree so selfishly I made these for myself but as things have it, I love how it has turned out and so thought I might just share.

As with everything at Dunnknit Designs, they're big and chunky too. At approx 50cm diameter they are big and look great either as a table decoration or even on the wall with some Christmas lights. I'm making them in all sorts of colours too.

Well that's it for now folks, apart from I feel the need to apologise for the Dunnknit Designs watermarks that unfortunately are now plastered all over my images. Sadly, there is a reason for it though. I've had to protect my designs and photographs as recently it has come to my attention that two of my designs along with some of my images have basically been stolen and are now being used by two other sellers. Yes, sad but true. but... life moves on and rather than being bitter about things I'm simply getting on with what I love best and am making my Merino beauties to the best of my ability unlike cheap 'copycats'.

So a big thank you for sticking with me and appreciating quality premium products that are lovingly handmade here in my Cheshire studio. I really appreciate your support and I hope you love my Christmas Chunky Knits.

Until next time,

Claire xx

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