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It's all about 'Colour!' Do you have a favourite?

As I'm sure that you are all now aware, I am completely and utterly obsessed with Merino Wool. In my eyes, you simply can't beat it. I won't twitter on about the benefits because i've already done that in a previous blog. However, for me at Dunnknit Designs my colour choices have been limited from the beginning for various reasons. Partly for financial reasons as I'm sure you can appreciate that Merino Wool is 'expensive'. But you get what you pay for though, right? Plus I've wanted to keep my suppliers close at hand and of course British. Therefore after what felt like an age of searching for the best Merino Wool before I even launched Dunnknit Designs and to cut a long story short I am now lucky to be working with the best woollen Mill ever and all be it small, they are now able to produce this beautiful material in lots of different colours. So while I've been working my way through a box of samples, my search for new colour inspiration has begun.

I have always had an obsession with colour but this beautiful oil painting by Julie Dumbarton that I had as a gift for my birthday recently really set me off on a mission for more colour in my own work. Julie is an artist who works from her fabulous studio space in a converted Church in Langholm, Scotland. I am lucky to have lots of family who live in this beautiful part of the world and they introduced me to Julie's work via Facebook last year. She loves colour too that's for sure!

Now back to Merino Wool and my search for new colours.......

Recently I have been working with a fabulous new Candy Floss pink which has been a big hit at shows recently and believe it or not but the roses in my neighbours garden are the exact same shade of pink.

Then I started looking out for lots of other beautiful colours that are surrounding us at the moment. After all it is meant to be Summer!

I love the outdoors and particularly walking our two dogs, Monty (our 4yr old Cockerpoo) and Hobbs (our 1yr old deaf Labradoodle, yes he's completely deaf and has been since birth.) and over the last week I have taken these lovely photos of colour which set me off on a mission to choose some more Merino Wool colours that could be dyed for my new collection.

What do you think?

A lot of pinks and purples I know, but look what I've found even closer to home? Compliments from my daughter? Hence the photo. Yum! Don't you just love cake?

Wherever we go we are surrounded by colour but when it comes to our home decor how do we possibly choose? Well that's where the experts and the big fashion houses come in. I know many of us like to keep an eye on the current trends through the media and magazines but then many of us homeowners simply 'like what we like' and that's where individuals such as Dunnknit Designs come in. Yes we can follow the trends with colours and style but we can provide elements of the traditional too! The 'Bespoke' possibilities are endless and I've already blogged on about that one!

So the question is.... Do you have any preferences?

Are you a fan of the neutral decor with an occasional splash of colour?

Or do you just love them all like me?

Please let me know if you have any favourites? The colour charts above are my latest short lists but I can't have them all in my new collection as much as I would love to. (That's me with my sensible head on)

The current trends for 2017 are:

But, (she says with a deep breath) there's lots more to share with you, which I'm going to have to save for next time, otherwise this blog could go on forever. However, if you kindly follow Dunnknit Designs on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you may get a sneaky peek before next week's blog of some of the colours and designs that are in vogue at the moment. I've been sent some fabulous images of beautiful home decor revamps recently from a couple of magazines that I'm working with and I can't wait to share them.

Now it's back to choosing those beautiful Merino Wool colours that are now available for me to hand make some extra special Chunky Knit goodies for you.

Please let me know your favourites and what colours you have in your homes. Apart from being nosey (as I know you all are too really) I simply want to choose a magnificent set of colours for Dunnknit Designs and if I'm honest I'm finding it difficult to choose.

So until next week, a big thank you and I'll leave you with some of my favourites!

Claire xx

ps This pic is of me and the hubster at Dunnet Head in Scotland. It had to be done seeing as we're Mr & Mrs Dunnett and the colours of the sky were stunning.

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