• Claire Dunnett


Wow it's been a while I know but just so much has been happening, it's so exciting and at last I've found myself in front of a roaring fire with some Christmas tunes on all set to give you a long awaited round up.

Since the super exciting gallery opening at White Light Ceramics in October it's been all action stations in preparation for Christmas.  There's been so much to do with a few new designs that I've thrown in along the way too.

The snood in two different sizes has been a big hit this year and I have been living in my ruby red one.  They're listed on the website if you'd like to know more details.

Also I've been working with the Mill on some speciality yarns.  This first collection are all handmade from a mix of Natural giant un-spun Merino and Soy bean which gives it a silky thread running through it.   I have a few projects planned for 2019, but they are all Limited Editions so when they're gone, they're gone.  The yarn blends are absolutely stunning.

I've also had to keep lots of secrets over the last few months.  It's a strange life for a maker in the run up to the festive season as it's often the time when special commissions come along and you have to keep quiet about them which means no pictures or shouting from the rooftops at how proud you are to have made a bespoke item or Artwork for a customer.   

Or like us, you might have a family wedding in (wait for it...) Miami, where you've been asked to make a few gifts where again, silence is key! 

The beautiful Tarvin Twist was gorgeous in Teal and made a great Wedding gift.  

This TV Cuddler in Turquoise looks great in its new Floridian home too! Along with a few other chunky knits my biggest task was actually packing them up for a nine hour flight across the pond.

It all worked out well in the end though and the wedding was simply spectacular. 

The Wedding was at sunset in Miami, Dec 1st.

We scrub up well hey! Our nephew’s wedding was at sunset in Miami on 1st December. 

It was sadly only a short break away and then it was back to the UK with a bump!  So much to make and do.  It has been a super exciting time.  I've made more chunky knits than ever before which is amazing for my wee small biz and I've loved working on a few Merino wool artworks too.  None of which I can reveal YET! 

Then of course I had my own Christmas shopping to do and I'm definitely proud of the fact that I've bought most of my gifts from independent makers this year.  Here's a few clues but I'm not giving any secrets away.

The Wedding was at sunset in Miami, Dec 1st.  It was absolutely beautiful!