• Claire Dunnett

It's June and The Big One I've been waiting for!

For those of you who know me, I don't blow my own trumpet very often but this is a story I've just got to share! So grab yourself a cuppa and here goes....

Back in February I was asked to take part in 'The 6 Roomsets' with Good Homes Magazine. This entailed me making a Large Tatton Throw in Natural White Merino Wool which I then had to get to Olympia in London ready for the launch and press day at The Ideal Home Show in March.

I was invited to the champagne breakfast and the show began! I got to meet lots of 'very important' people and had an amazing sneaky peek at the other Roomsets that were featured. The Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining Room and Garden Room were all absolutely beautiful.

Then came a long wait. I knew that The Roomsets would feature in the June and July issues of the magazine but had no idea quite how much attention my Tatton Throw would create. The Press loved it at the launch and couldn't believe how super soft it was. The photographers went mad taking photos from every angle and I was on cloud 9.

So here we are in June and at last The Bedroom Roomset is featured along with the Dining room and garden room! The editor contacted me a few weeks ago to say a big thank you and that my Tatton Throw has been a huge success and certainly had The 'WOW FACTOR' which was the theme of the show. Little did I know though that it would be spread over 3 pages with the biggest pictures ever. I can't believe it and just had to share.

So...for those of you that have listening to me banging on about this since February, I apologise, but for those who haven't heard this before then 'Waaaah' I'm so excited! To eventually make the leap from a life time of Teaching and launch Dunnknit Designs last year was a big leap for me and this editorial along with all of the amazing people I have met along the way so far, certainly make all of the hard work that comes with owning your own business well worth while so THANK YOU!

Claire x


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