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Can you believe I actually just sang "It's Christmas!" as I wrote the title of this weeks update?

Well it's now officially the Christmas season and judging by how many of you lovely folks out there have placed orders over the last few weeks, I for one, well and truly have Christmas fever and the sparks that have been coming from my knitting needles and crochet hooks can prove it. THANK YOU everyone, it really means a lot.

It's been the busiest and best few weeks of Dunnknit Designs so far that's for sure. This time last year Dunnknit Designs was still relatively new and orders were steady where as this Christmas has been a totally different ball game and I am truly grateful.

As always I aired on the side of caution and made lots of stock in advance which has been an absolute blessing (note to self for next year) but I still under estimated how many Santa Hats and Tree Toppers I would need to make and I'm still making them. I'm at the Sale Arts Trail Christmas Bazaar this weekend and as quick as I've been making the Tree Toppers to take with me, an order would come in for one! Hilarious!!! They're such good fun and 'don't wobble'.

So to this weekend.......... Yep, the big Christmas event of the year has arrived!

I've spent days finishing off, sorting, tagging and packing stock for the Sale Arts Trail and am at the point now on this lovely snowy Friday evening (yes it's actually snowing) when if it's not packed by now, then it's not going. (Do you ever feel like that when you're going anywhere?). Honestly, it looks like I'm moving house. There are that many bags and boxes to go to the Bazaar. I've been preparing for this weekend for months and it's now nearly time to hang up my creative tools and rest up a bit. It's been a wee bit crazy around here lately but fantastic fun. I can't remember the last time I felt this 'Christmassy'.

Talk about organised, I think because I've had to be so super organised in advance for a Dunnknit Designs Christmas, it's kind of spilled over into home too. For instance never before have we had our Christmas decorations up in the first weekend of December.

Last weekend, we went to collect our living tree from Broomheath Plantation, near Chester. For those of you who don't know, it's a plantation of Christmas Trees and you go in November and wander around the thousands of trees and choose one. You then decorate it if you want to leave a decoration on it, tag it and then go back in December to cut it down yourselves and bring home.

We named our tree 'Aosta' and left a small decoration on it to make it easy to find when we went to collect it. Plus with a busy fair this weekend, our annual Christmas Tree collection has already been done although the tree decoration is only happening this very evening, with some Christmas music and a small glass of something to accompany it. Come on, it is Christmas, well nearly!

So say hello to 'Aosta', and our lovely daughter Liv. Yes she's the one who I have to bribe to model my chunky knitted goodies for me too for those of you who don't know her already.

Well my tree decorating skills are being beckoned for and hopefully there's a glass waiting too. I can hear the Christmas music and the house feels really Christmassy. The stockings are up and the Christmas blanket is being put to good use in the evenings. It's still snowing too! How Christmassy is that?

OK enough rambling, all that's left for me to say is a big THANK YOU everyone for your orders this Christmas and for those of you who have been procrastinating, today is the last day for Christmas orders. I might struggle to get wool from the Mill in time now but I do have a huge stock so if there's anything specific that you still want for Christmas just drop me a message via the website and as always I'll do my best to get orders out to you in time.

Until next week when I think I'll be starting to count sleeps, but in the meantime if you're around the Manchester area this weekend, drop into the Christmas Bazaar and say 'Hello'.

Sale M33 7DZ

Claire xx

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