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It's Question Time!

Hi everyone!

I hope you don't mind, but this week I could do with asking you a couple of questions and it would be absolutely amazing if you could drop me a line with your answers.

Now please don't think, 'Oh crumbs here we go again, not another one bothering me ' or 'Nah, I can't be bothered'. Please just bear with me!

Here goes......

Question 1

What colour themes do you have in your home?

It's amazing how different personal taste can be and I've learnt that our colour choices that we surround ourselves with are often instinctive. So much so that we don't even realise that our colour choices are often a reflection of ourselves. Yes the experts all have an opinion on what colours we should put where, such as a happy meeting place such as a kitchen should be bright and vibrant where as a quiet seating area or sleeping place should be filled with calm, relaxing colours but what do you think?

I think that we should all just stick to what we like and what makes us happy. Crikey, how cheesy does that sound? Well it's true isn't it? Surely our homes are an extension of our personalities and self expression. From the colours of our walls to the colours of our furniture and accessories. It's all a reflection of who we are and what we like, right?

So this week I'm intrigued to find out more about you lovely lot. Call it being nosey if you like, but I would really appreciate your help in order to help keep my small creative business up to speed with what customers really want. After all that's what it's all about. The simple joy of being able to hand make something beautiful that will enhance your home and put a smile on your face when you sit looking at it. Plus there's always that talking point factor of owning something that little bit different when friends and family come to visit.

So are you brave in your colour choices at home or do you prefer the calm neutrals? Let me know.

Question 2

What's your favourite colour?

Now I know that if you're still reading this, then you will have already stopped to think and look around the room where you are (that is if you're reading this at home) and have already answered my question either aloud to yourself if you talk to your phone, tablet or laptop like I do, or you will probably have stared into space to think about what colours you have at home.

Back to the question, What's your favourite colour? You see here lies my quandary. I know that only too often customers have a favourite colour but would never have the courage to use that colour in their home decor. Yes they may wear their favourite colour in clothing but 'Ooh no not at home'. Well my question to you is why not? Is it because we feel like we will be judged by others and fear rejection, or 'Ooh I don't like that' kind of comments, or is it because we feel the need to conform with trends and keep up with fashion?

Overall I suppose it all comes down to choice! Yes, wherever you are living, if you are able to have the choice of what colours to surround yourself with then why not just go for it? Now that sounds fantastic to me as I'm obviously drawn to colour and find a blank canvas an exciting challenge along with the best excuse to go shopping, but to some it may be seen as a challenge.

Ok, so here's what I do, or should I say what we do?

So like us, do you watch your pennies, yet like to be surrounded by nice things (she says being brutally honest)? In which case like us do you often keep your furniture neutral, as after all these pieces are probably the biggest expense in a home and do you paint your walls all sorts of colours and then tie in with coloured accessories such as cushions, blanket throws, footstools etc? Or do you just go for it in the colour department?

You see this is where I'm intrigued, as for a long time now this is what the design magazines have been telling us to do, as lets face it we're nearly all on a budget these days. They say that you can either buy cheap and cheerful if you like to change your decor more often than most, or if you prefer to buy quality, then make careful long life furniture purchases and change your walls and home accessories more often to update your look.

Personally I'm in the latter camp and like to buy lifetime decent pieces of furniture when I can afford it and love to paint walls and add splashes of colour around the house wherever possible. But, then there's always that bright coloured sofa that I long for. Decisions hey!

So what do you do? Are you a fan of the calm neutrals or do you love colour? If so what colours do you prefer and where do you put them in your home?

For many of you, I know that adding a splash of colour with a Dunnknit Designs Chunky Knit Throw or a Footstool or two has been the answer and I am absolutely delighted to have shared so much colour recently. I am so lucky to be working with an amazing Mill that can provide me with the most stunning Merino Wool in such beautiful colours.

Here's a peek at my sample chart that I work with daily.

So what colours have you been buying? Well here's some of the most popular colour choices

in recent months shown here in my best seller of the year, the Bunbury Bumper Footstool.

From top to bottom, left to right we have Olive Green, Marl Grey, Ruby Red, Teal, Midnight Blue, Graphite Grey, Mulberry, Mink Blush and Mustard Yellow.

Which one would you choose?

Well it's definitely Spring now and if you are looking to revamp any areas of your home in the next few months then maybe I'll have given you a little food for thought regarding colour.

Colour is amazing! From the palest neutral shades to the darkest charcoal to the beautiful brights, I honestly love them all. And here lies my biggest problem. Yes just that, I love them all, but what I really need to know in order to keep my one girl band of a business up to speed is what you like! After all that's what I'm here for!

So please let me know what your favourites are and I know that this blog probably has about twenty five questions in it if I'm being honest, but really it simply comes down to two.

1. What colour themes do you have in your home?

2. What's your favourite colour?

I'll look forward to hearing from you and thank you!

Until next time,

Claire x

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