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It's Summer

Yipee! the GCSE exams are over! We've come out on the other side (at last) and have just about survived. Honestly I feel like our household has been on another planet for the last four weeks. It's been nothing but work, work, work for everyone that's for sure. But now our one and only 16 year old has finished school FOREVER! I can't believe that's it. Primary and Secondary education 'DONE', 'FINITO'. How did that happen?

Any it's time to enjoy all of the lovely things that we've been planning for the last few months. Things that have kept us going, knowing that we have had something to look forward to after all of the hard work that's gone on.

Yes it's holiday time folks, well next Friday anyway but it's definitely going to be foot off the gas time around here for the next couple of weeks. We're off to Italy, actually Rome to be exact and hopefully to get to visit Siena, Florence, Lucca and Pisa along the way. Any suggestions are welcome if you've ever been to this neck of the woods! I think I was at University the last time I visited Rome and Florence and I cannot wait to share it's Art treasures with our daughter who is definitely another 'Arty' member of the clan. It'll be cameras at the ready that's for sure. I can't wait!

So what's been happening this last week at DDHQ? Well the vast amounts of Christmas stock that I intended to make didn't happen for a start. No, for some reason there has been yet another 'Footstool Frenzy' happening all over the globe. Either the warm weather has got to us and we're all sitting down with our feet up more, or we've all suddenly got a bout of swollen feet and ankles, or there's been a mad influx of home decor rearranging going on. Either way I've been crazy busy making footstools which is absolutely fantastic as I absolutely adore making them.

To have the opportunity to make your own footstool designs that you've worked on and developed over the last few years is honestly an absolute treat. And your two favourites have definitely been....

'The Bunbury Bumper Footstool'

Standing at approx 32cm tall and 34 cm diameter the Bunbury Bumper stands on 4 short wooden legs, has a linen inner fabric lining and a removable Merino Wool cover. It's available in lots of different colours and the Bumper cover is hand- crocheted using my giant Ash crochet needle and the most beautiful hyper-allergenic Chunky Merino Wool. Being small and practical the Bunbury Bumper makes a great addition to a room and is certainly very tactile and irresistibly touchable. Here's a few of your favourite colours that I've made recently.

And then we have the biggest from the Dunnknit Designs Footstool family....

'The Budworth Beanie Footstool'

The Budworth Beanie is a good looking addition to a room and is one to definitely attract attention. It simply looks great on display and is so irresistibly squishy to touch.

Measuring approx 40cm in diameter and standing at an approx height of 35cm I hand craft the Budworth Beanie from start to finish. This includes a liner beanbag which is made on my trusty Singer sewing machine in a matching colour to the outer knit, which is then filled with polystyrene beads. Then last but definitely not least we have the hand made knitted outer cover which is made from unspun chunky Shetland or Merino wool which I knit using my giant knitting needles which my dear Dad (the wood turner) made for me. 'Et Voila! Here's a peek at some colour options that I have made recently.

Both of these lovely footstools simply look great on display and are both light enough so that they can easily be moved around any room to share or you could just keep them in one spot next to your favourite seat. Apart from making beautiful wedding gifts, they could be a special gift for a loved one or simply to add that something a little bit different for you to add to your own home. They are certainly eye catching pieces that are already attracting a lot of attention.

And my favourite make of week? Well it has to be the Mustard Yellow Budworth Beanie. I'm still loving this colour and whether you like it or not, I think it looks great in this design and the photo shoot we did this week didn't look too bad either. What do you think?

So now what?

Well apart from being behind on making the planned Christmas stock and the ordering of packaging, it's my birthday on Tuesday!!!!! Whoop Whoop! Yes it's definitely a week to look forward to for me. Birthday and then holibobs. (How fab is that?) So it can only mean one thing...........

Yes I'm taking a wee break for a couple of weeks to recharge my tired out batteries. It's been an exciting and exhausting first half of the year and there's so much more to come for Dunnknit Designs, but for now a big thank you for sticking with me waffling on each week and "Ciao per ora e attendo con impazienza di vedervi molto presto". In other words "Bye for now and I'll see you again very soon".

Claire x

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