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Merino Wool Art

They've been a long time in the designing and making but eventually I have completed my latest project. Talk about excited!

It all started off a few months ago with an idea and a discussion as always with Dad. Questions such as I wonder if? How big? What shape? What with? How will it work? I don't have the right tools! Is there such a tool? Decisions as always that were eventually made around the kitchen table at our weekly dinner and here are the final results of months of hard work. I hope you like them!

Our new method of working started off life as a circular chunk of wood. I love working with something a little bit different and although all my Merino Artworks are usually square in shape, we decided to go for the circle this time seeing as these pieces are 'Artworks' in their entirety. The fact that they are designed to be touched to be appreciated and didn't need traditional glass picture frames brought joy in itself.

So after making lots of templates and after a few dummy runs we eventually came up with a platform that worked. All I needed now were the tools in order to work the beautiful Merino wool. I already had the designs that I had been working on from original photographs that I had taken and as always the engineer came up with a plan to make new tools that worked. Dad set too making me yet another set of tools specifically for this project and they are simply amazing!

So that was it, Dad's side of the design was done! I now had a template, the design and the tools to do the job, so then it was over to me to create the image and complete the work.

This piece was the first one made and was a tester to show how an image would work using such chunky yarn. This photo gives you an idea of scale too. The 'Woolly Art' piece is approx 40cm in diameter and is about 4cm thick.

At this stage we gave our new project a big thumbs up and Dad set to work making some more wooden bases for me to work my new designs into.

Over the last few months I have been working on four designs and here they are.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

This project has been a delight to work on and the chunky texture and feel of the Merino wool is indescribable. Let's face it, how often are you actually encouraged to touch a piece of Artwork?

I told you I like to do things a bit differently and these are definitely a talking point when on display. Hopefully these new designs and way of working is a start of more to come and Dad's coming for dinner this evening!

Until next time,

Claire x

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