• Claire Dunnett

Merry Christmas!

So that's it! I've downed tools to give my hands a well needed rest and to spend time with my nearest and dearest relaxing and having fun for a few days. It's not the Christmas we had planned with family and friends but with the aid of technology, like most families I'm sure we'll make the most of everything.

We've worked our socks off this year as being predominantly an online business, you have all kept us wonderfully busy for which we are eternally grateful. Dad has been working away in his workshop on all the footstools and I've made so many Merino Santa Hat Tree Toppers to adorn your beautiful Christmas Trees this year, I've lost count. We've absolutely loved seeing your Tree Toppers in situ. Here's just a few of them...

We work so hard at all aspects of our small business and to receive such lovely feedback through the website and reviews over on our Etsy Shop has been utterly fantastic. Thank you!

So now the studio is tidy (ish), the Christmas stockings are hung, mince pies are made (by our lovely teen home from Uni), the hubsters cooking up some mulled wine as I'm writing this, gifts are wrapped and now time is running out for me to make Nigella's Guinness Chocolate cake (a firm favourite in our house and a great alternative to Christmas pud).

A great big 'Thank You' for sticking with us on our Merino adventure this year, it's been great and

here's wishing you all a very....

... and a safe and healthy New Year!

Until next time,

Claire x

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