• Claire Dunnett


Well I'm back in my happy place once again doing what I love best!

Believe it or not, this is a photo of me using my 2m long needles this week. Yep they go waaaaay back behind me and luckily for me rest on the floor whilst I'm knitting. This is a giant blanket that I promised to make for my nephew. Viola!!!!!

What a posey shot hey! This was my daughter and me having a play around with my surprise Christmas present that I received from the hubster. It is a giant lighting rig with 4 tripods, 3 coloured back drops (I can't wait to work out how to use the green one), the biggest light bulbs you've ever seen and it even has 2 huge white umbrellas. Where I'm going to store it all in-between taking photos I'm not quite sure as the whole rig filled the studio but hey ho! We had a lot of fun trying it out anyway.

So here's what happened......

After it taking us an age to work out how to set the lighting rig up with the lovely white (un-ironed) backdrop, look who simply sauntered up and just plonked himself on the lovely white sheet? Yep it was our lovely 'Hobbs'. He just lay down and gave me the look, as if to say "go on then, take my picture". I couldn't resist.

Then as if that wasn't enough, once we'd finished taking photos of the Merino TV Cuddle Blanket that I'm holding in the pic above, cheeky Mr Hobbs returned and posed on the blanket. It's just as well that this is for family as I'm normally so careful to keep our two dogs away from the studio. It's a definite no dog zone!!! I do love this photo though and just had to share it. The look on his face....

Plus for any of you dog lovers out there, the lovely Hobbs here (now 2) was born completely deaf so life living with him can be a bit of a challenge sometimes but he's such a sweetie.

So what else have I been up to?

Well you might have gathered that I'm now feeling much better and am just about working at full speed ahead again. The weekly routine has returned, all new orders are in hand and our 2018 calendar is slowly filling up with exciting things to look forward to.

I've also been busy getting the 6 Merino Artworks that I did over the Christmas break framed.

I'm hopefully going to get them up on the website over the next week or so but feel free to message me if any of them take your fancy. They are all of the same view but were obviously done at different times and on different days. The changing colours of the sky will always fascinate me!