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My View from a Narrow Boat

Hi folks, well that was a quick two weeks! Since my last blog I've spent a week away on a narrow boat with our visiting family from USA. They were avoiding the intense heat of Florida and we decided to set off on an adventure on a narrow boat on the Llangollen Canal and believe it or not the weather was really kind to us and we had lots of sunshine along the way. We've had a fantastic time!

Now, once again I'm not intending to share my holiday adventures with you but the beautiful natural landscape views that I managed to capture in Merino Wool along the way. Yes I took my re-stocked 'Needle Felting Kit' with me and whilst tootling along at 2mph in the sunshine on board a beautiful narrow boat, I had plenty of time to take in the sights that passed me by. I think that passers by who saw me with a huge needle in my hand probably thought I was bonkers.

Besides the ancient bridges and locks that we frequented the scenery was simply amazing.

Field after field and glorious blue sky. The colours were beautiful.

Then came the fabulous wild flowers. Over the last week I have been frequently surrounded by walls of yellow, orange, red and purple.

It's amazing how low down you feel when you're sitting below deck in a narrow boat. I found myself looking up at the world through a world of colour that I hadn't really seen before.

Once up on deck, along came a totally different view point. At times I could see for mile after mile of open fields, and along with glorious clear skies, Merino Wool seemed to lend itself perfectly to these images.

However, it's always nice to see sheep!

Then came the excitement of a series of super long tunnels that seemed to go on forever. The boat headlamp was on and the glow of the canal walls was a stunning sight to see.

Finally came our journey homeward where after a night of rain the flowers seemed to bloom. Just stunning to see from the water.

So there you have it. A short but sweet view of the world from a narrow boat from the Llangollen Canal. The views were stunning and the colours never ceased to amaze me. Our American branch of the family could not get over how green and colourful our countryside is at this time of year, and I'm hoping that I've managed to capture some of it's beauty in Merino Wool. The texture of the fibres certainly lend themselves to capturing landscape images and I adore working in this medium.

So now apart from needing to frame all of these little beauties in frames that I had the foresight to have made before I went away, once again my giant knitting calls. As much as I love a different artistic challenge, I've missed my giant knitting needles as I definitely couldn't have taken them away with me on our tootling adventure. Can you just imagine!

If by any chance you love any of the above images as much as I do then keep a look out on the website in the next couple of weeks as I will be listing them soon.

Just so you know, these are 'Mini's' with the actual images measuring in at 10cm x 10cm and the overall frames measure 18cm x 18cm.

Thanks for listening and Happy Weekend.

Claire xx

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