• Claire Dunnett

October Excitement!

The new revamped 'Malpas Midway' stool is here!

Yes it's had an upgrade and now along with it's sleek designed legs and larger comfy seat, it's all ready to show off.

Standing at 45cm tall, the new Malpas Midway Stool has a seat diameter of 35cm which consists of a padded seat pad and a hefty amount of luscious Merino wool that has been crocheted to make up its removable cover. (Shown here in Mink Blush and is available in lots of different colours) What a beaut! We love it!

Also this month.....

It's started!! By that I mean the building of our new studio has started (at long last). It's been a long time coming and although it's probably not the best time of year to start building, seeing as we're heading into the colder months of the year, along with 'silly season' in the maker's world, things are moving along quickly. So much so that the builders reckon we're on a 10 week project and so far (we're now in Week 2) everything is on track with a completion date of 20th December. (watch this space on that one!)

Read on if you'd like a sneaky peek....


The builders arrived along with lots of materials and machinery! OMG our quiet close has been turned into chaos.

We're now in WEEK 2 of our build. The music is blasting out, the builders are whistling and singing and even busting out some occasional dance moves. There's a great atmosphere around the place and the weather so far is being kind to us! Let's hope that continues! (fingers crossed!)

Until next time when hopefully our new studio build will have moved on a bit.

Claire x

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