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And here we have it, it's July! I truly hope you are all safe and well and if you're in for a read and a catch up, grab a cuppa! I know it's been a while but after being ecstatic about our new studio build just before Covid 19 struck it just didn't feel right to put words to a page until now.

Such a lot has happened since my last blog post along with many things that didn't happen that should have happened too! Sound familiar?

Now I'm not one to dwell or go over 'Lockdown 2020' as in the distant future all of our memories from this strange time will no doubt cover a vast array of emotions but....

From absolute upset and tragedy to finding a level of peace and calm having stepped off the crazy hamster wheel of life for a while, even to finding laughter as a way of coping with such strange times, all of our experiences will have been different. One thing I do know though is that we'll all remember Covid 19 and Lockdown 2020 all right!

For us at Dunnknit Designs HQ, Spring/ Summer has been a scene of quiet and calm! We have hardly left the house. We count our blessings that we have all been able to work from home and after an initial quiet time to gather ourselves and take stock of all the cancellations of things that lay ahead we most definitely count ourselves as some of the lucky ones.

For us it's been a time for family and friends. Time for one giant jigsaw (that had us hooked), baking (when I could get flour), quizzes and giggles on Zoom (which we'd never even heard of before), making masks for the family (just in case) and gardening in the sunshine after our building work. This was a major challenge! Then of course I've been creating lots of chunky knitted goodies too. We really do count our blessings!

I am so grateful to everyone who has ordered from our small family business over the last few months. You've kept us busy and we are truly thankful. Can you guess what our best seller has been?

Yep it's the cute and most useful 'Bunbury Bumper Footstool' once again. Dad has definitely been kept busy making the footstools and my weekly visit to take him groceries also became our socially distanced exchange time for our handmade goodies too. He has literally not left the house or his workshop for three months and this is the closest we got.

As well as keeping busy with lovely orders I did set myself a challenge too. Since we've been working on the house and new studio I haven't really had time to do any Artwork and I was having withdrawal symptoms along with a bulging sketch book. So I set myself a challenge to do a picture a day when things were quiet. I failed miserably! Throughout the whole of lockdown I have created seven pieces which I adore although I did design something new too which I will do a whole post on shortly. I promise!








So here we are just about coming out on the other side of lockdown! We've had some sadness to deal with but we're busy looking forward now. I've had my big birthday last week where we had our own small lockdown do in our new bubble with Dad which was just great.

We're looking for the positives and to happy times ahead. We have celebrations that hopefully will still happen in time, work which will continue to be creative and amazing and predicted grade 'A' Level results next month, fingers crossed! Then hopefully it will be University and a whole new chapter for our amazing teen.

For now it's quiet time in the studio for me which is just magical. It's my happy place where I can be let loose and creative. Talking of which I'd best get on...

Until next time where I'll reveal my new chunky knit collection for the home! (small clue),

Claire x

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