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Summer 2018 and....

Welcome back everyone and a big 'Hi' to those of you who have recently joined me on my crazy Merino Wool adventure. I really do appreciate you taking the time to message me and give feedback regarding your Dunnknit Designs purchases. It means a lot!

So since school was out for ever back at the end of June for our one and only teenager, what's been happening?

Well without giving a step by step diary of our summer hols which I'm sure would bore you to tears, as a family we've been on an emotional roller coaster over the last couple of months. Yes I know in my last blog post I said I was taking a break for a couple of weeks, well it turned into a couple of months for various reasons.

Firstly we had a close bereavement in the family which knocked us for six and I ended up taking time out for the family. I don't wish to sadden the tone but we did get lots of family time in too throughout July and August. In fact I think we just about managed to catch up with everyone. Even family from USA who came over to visit for a whopping 30th Anniversary party. It was back to the 80's and was amazing!

Then there was our big family holiday to the Med which was absolutely ace and as you'd imagine I found some absolutely stunning arty sights!

This was the ceiling during our tour of The Vatican. WOW! It went on forever!

Drum Roll please? This is my favourite photo of the summer. It's the sun streaming through the windows of The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. One that I will have to capture in wool I'm sure. It was breathtaking!

Then of course I managed to squeeze in my annual trip to my happy place in Wales to paint in Merino Wool which is really the reason why I'm tapping these words straight out of my head onto my laptop.

Yes amongst the making of lots of Footstools which has kept Dad and I busy over the last couple of months it's been an 'Arty' kind of Summer. Although I didn't get to do as many pictures as usual I managed to do 6 little beauties during my stay on the beautiful Llyn Peninsula in Wales. I kept a log going on social media if you got to follow but I'll share the results with you all anyway now that these little woolly beauties are all framed and ready to go. Although one sold even before I made it home!

Here goes!

'ABSOLUTE SERENITY' - This was the view from my window where we stayed.

'BLUE SKY' - Every day on our way back we passed this beautiful field and hill. It always showcased the sky above beautifully.

'LET'S GO FLY A KITE' - A family tradition wherever we go! Doesn't every family love flying a kite?

'THE FAIRY TREE' - Do you believe in Fairies? We crossed this brook every single day for a whole week. It was simply magical!

'ABERDARON' - Is simply the most beautiful place and the beach with it's magnificent waves, well, what can I say? The view just had to be captured in Merino Wool.

'OUT TO SEA' - I sat on the beach to capture this view and watched as the boat sailed away in to the distance. I would have loved to have known where it was going! (SOLD)

So there you have it! A visual record of what I've been up to over the last few weeks and if you like the look of any of these little woollies, they're now up and listed on the website.

So what now?

Well it's a new beginning at sixth form college for our teen after a well deserved, amazing set of GCSE results in August and I'm at long last getting round to (dare I say it) some Christmas preparation. Yes I've kept busy working in my sketch book over the summer and now it's time to start putting my crazy ideas into practice to see what actually works! Watch out Dad, here I come!

Until next time and a big thank you if you're still with me reading this,

Claire x

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