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The Beauty of 'Bespoke'

It's almost a year since I launched Dunnknit Designs and after looking back in my sketch book recently at some of the designs that I'm now busy making I've realised just how design driven I am and although I adore every one of the designs that have eventually made it to the website, I have been completely overjoyed at the reaction that my Giant Chunky Knits has created. I am so grateful and am on cloud 9 as to how many orders keep on coming in but I never anticipated how popular my 'Bespoke' service would be.

As one lovely customer recently said to me "Bespoke is best! That way you get exactly what you want."

I suppose it's the simple concept which I've been struggling with for years, where you know what you want for your lovely home or that something special to wear (usually jewellery in my case) but where on earth do you find it? Then when by pure accident you come across someone at a local fair, exhibition or stumble across a website that a friend told you about where someone can make that special something for you, it's a feeling of sheer joy! This simple concept is exactly why I'm sharing this post with you lovely readers.

I've been so privileged to have been part of a designing and making process for lots of lovely customers over the last few months and just wanted to share some of the projects that I've been working on with you. The simple concept of Custom Design, Size, Stitch and Colour possibilities of Giant Knits and the stunning Merino Wool are endless.

My first commission was such a dream! The call came from Leonnie at Suna Interior Designs and she wanted a Bed Throw in a specific huge size in Mink Blush for a project that she was working on. So I set to work and when Leonnie very kindly sent me the photos through I couldn't believe it!

Then came the biggy! A call from Good Homes Magazine which I thought was a friend playing a joke at first, but it was for real. It was a commission to make a GIANT Tatton Throw for The Ideal Home Show at Olympia in London which was an unbelievable experience which I've well and truly banged on about recently so I won't bore you with that again but the full spread is out in the June issue of Good Homes Magazine! Amazing and so exciting for a one girl band like me!

Now I feel like I'm really boasting about my achievements at that's not my intention at all.....(even though I'm secretly jumping up and down with joy). I really wanted to share with you the simple concept and utter joy of the good old 'Handmade'. It's refreshing to have come back around to the idea of good old fashioned knitting skills along with beautiful modern tools and materials all be it with a giant twist in my case, that you can just about make anything in any colour, stitch and size. How simple and amazing is that?

Below is a photo of yet another project for the fantastic Suna Interior Designs.

Not all of my Bespoke work has been for commercial use though! Since I've had the courage to attend the odd fair which started around Christmas time last year I've met some amazing people along the way and have learnt such a lot. I have been totally overwhelmed by the love that so many people have for 'that something different' and the idea of being able to make a Giant Chunky Knit 'just for you' that no one else will have is such a beautiful thing. It's not always been about the blankets and throws either. Take a look at this lovely Budworth Beanie Footstool. It has an electric green lining with just shows through the beautiful Merino Natural White. I love this colour combination.

Ok now I guess I'm going on a bit now, although we all love looking at photos I know, but just one more!

Over the last few months I've been working with the lovely Sarah Beech who is the owner/designer of She makes beautiful bespoke ottomans and out of a project that we've been working on together came this lovely cushion design (almost be accident if i'm being honest) but we both love it anyway. It may even make an appearance in the Cushion section at Dunnknit Designs sometime soon. Let me know what you think.

Well I think that's enough of me waffling on for this week and I hope you've enjoyed seeing some new things. As my lovely Dad said to me right at the beginning of Dunnknit Designs when I was well and truly glued to my pencil and sketch book, "With good tools and materials, you can make almost anything" and he was absolutely right.

So if you have an idea, or you're wanting that something a little bit different to fill that odd 'little' or 'big' space in your own home, give me a call or I'll be at Alderley Edge Cricket Club Summer Fete on Sunday 2nd July from 1pm if you fancy dropping by to say hello!

(Athough I've had to limit my colour palette on the website due to the high costs of Merino wool, the mill that I'm working with now has approximately 100 colours available. Hence the new colours for the Ponchos and my Instagram post of the lovely Denim Blue. The future will be colourful that's for sure.)

A big thank you for listening if you stuck it out this far!

Claire xx

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