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The Dunnknit Designs Blanket Collection

From the smallest Baby Blanket to the biggest Beeston Bed Runner, the beauty of 'Handmade' is that you can have it all in almost any colour, shape and size possible. However, in order to run a small 'Chunky Knits' business there has to be some guidelines for customers. Well here you have it. Lots and lots of beautiful blanket and throw possibilities all made from hypoallergenic super-soft Merino Wool.

So how about looking at some of the different stitches that are available?

Now to outline briefly what Dunnknit Designs has to offer in the line of blankets and throws working my way up from the smallest to the biggest. Also outlining the choices that are available regarding that all important colour. (Please note that each item is listed in more detail on the website and the many new colours are now available too! I'm so excited because there are 30 new colour options. Can you guess which colours I've ended up choosing out of the 36 short list below?)

The Dunnknit Designs Blanket range

1. The 'Baby Blanket'

Measuring 60cm by 70cm this chunky knit blanket is the perfect size for a baby seat, pram or pushchair or simply to use to cushion baby whilst on the floor. Merino wool is renowned for its soft touch and breathable properties, it's temperature regulating qualities help to keep a baby warm in winter and to not overheat in summer.

2. The Lap Blanket

Measuring 60cm x 70cm this cosy blanket in the double rib stitch is definitely a great size for all ages whether it be a cosy cuddler for a child or just to take the chill of a member of the family who is wheelchair bound. They're even being used in the car! I've had great feedback about this sized blanket being very useful in lots of ways and it's not too heavy either weighing in at approximately 1kg.

3. The TV Cuddle Blanket

These are available in 30 different colours, in two different sizes and are knitted in the Double Rib Stitch pattern.

TV Cuddler for one person measuring approximately 1m x 1m

TV Cuddler for two people to share which measures approximately 150cm by 100cm

They make great gifts.

The Dunnknit Design range of Throws

All of the Dunnknit Designs Throws are available in two different sizes:

SMALL - 150cm x 100cm is the perfect size for a single bed or neatly sits at the bottom of a double bed.

LARGE - 150cm x 180cm which covers the majority of a double bed or sits neatly as a runner at the bottom of a king size bed.

4. The Marbury Throw

The best seller of the blanket range and comes in Natural White only.

An absolute classic in the Double Rib Stitch.

5. The Tatton Throw

Knitted in the chunky Garter Stitch and soon to be available in 30 colour options the Tatton Throw has had a great deal of attention over the last few months.

6. The Dunham Throw

Available in lots of different colours and seen here in the beautiful Mink Blush, this Single Rib Stitch Throw looks amazing.

7. The Arley Throw

And now for the Arley Throw, seen here in Marl Grey. The Double Rib Stitch design shows off the different shades of the Marl beautifully. Also available in lots of different colours.

8. The Walton Throw

Knitted in the beautiful Moss Stitch the Walton Throw looks great in the seasonal on trend colours.

9. The Beeston Bed Runner

The Beeston Bed Runner is most definitely the heavyweight of the Dunnknit Design Collection and is almost certain to attract attention once it's taken pride of place in your home. (It's the only crocheted throw in the collection)

Available in 30 colour options and in 3 different sizes. The Beeston measures approx:

UK Double Bed 70cm x 200cm

UK Super King Size Bed 70cm x 260cm

UK King Size Bed 70cm x 220cm

10. The Bespoke, Choose your Size, Stitch and Colour Throw.

The beauty of 'Handmade'. If you have a special request, if you'd like a blanket/ throw in a certain size, stitch and colour to match your decor then it can be done. Simple message me via the contacts page on the website or give me a call and we can have a chat.

WOW! 10 different options and all in the stunning hypoallergenic super-soft Merino Wool. In my opinion, you just can't beat it!

I'm off for a cuddle with a cosy blanket now.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Claire x

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