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The Joy of Handmade

At the end of this month Dunnknit Designs will be officially a Year old (heads up to look out... there might be an offer this month) and over the last year I have been asked to make lots of bespoke Merino Wool Chunky knit items in all shapes and sizes but I've simply got to share the funniest request that I've had so far. After all that's what small business website blogs are for right?

Ok, so this is a brief recap on the last week since I posted about my new Winter hat designs which thanks to you lovely lot have gone down a treat. Thank you!

Last weekend was a busy one where orders came in and I set to work. I am so lucky to be able to do what I do and simply adore making up items that bring smiles to people's faces. As it turns out this is exactly what happened on Monday evening too.

Out of the blue I received a message on my Facebook page from an old friend. I say old friend loosely as the lady in question is an absolute gem and certainly wouldn't like to be called 'old'. She loves a giggle and as a family we got to know and love her when she was working at the care home where my Mum lived for the last 5 years of her life. Mum had been a long lasting dementia sufferer and J as I'll call her, lovingly looked after Mum along with other members of staff. Not only that, but as a family, when you spend so much time with staff in a care home they kind of become part of your extended family too and that's exactly what happened with J.

So back to Monday...... I had just put my giant knitting needles down for the day when I received this....

Now do forgive me if you find this rude, but after living with dementia in the family for 13 years, the only way we found as a family to cope with life was with a sense of humour and this to me was just that! Hilarious!

If you have ever had experience of working or knowing anyone who works in a nursing home then you will know that it is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Shift work with early mornings and late nights, working seriously long hours and needing bucket loads of patience is just the start of it. Let alone the sense of humour!

So I wasn't at all surprised to hear this from J, especially as I know that she has just got herself a new car which as it turns out obviously has a very cold 'metal' gear knob.

Can you imagine my reaction when I read this? Apart from the smile that instantly came across my face, I replied with a hahaha, very funny emoji and smiley face, only to receive a 'I'm being serious' comment back.

Well, over the last few months I feel as if I've been non-stop making Santa hats in all shapes and sizes so why not!

I've made the Santa hat Tree Topper which are a family tradition and lots of fun.

Then there's the Human size Santa hat...

And now we have the 'Gear Knob Protector from the COLD' ...

Funny I know, but how could I say 'No!' Let's face it, it had to be done, if only for a giggle.

It was very funny, and I set to work straight away and had put a sample hat together even before I went to bed on Monday night. (I'm a bit impulsive when it comes to new designs but hey ho!). There, I had it. A new Teenie Weenie Santa Hat topper to send to J but I hit a problem. I drive a Mini and when I tried it in my car the following morning it wouldn't go any where near the gear knob. It was way too small so it was back to the drawing board and the picture above is actually Teenie Weenie Santa Hat MkII which fits a treat in my car. So what about the Teenie Weenie Santa Hat MkI? Well I found a home for that one too......

Now I couldn't resist a Christmassy pic with my favourite Gin and I think that the Teenie Weenie Santa Hat Topper looks great on a bottle as a Christmas Gift. I know it made me smile anyway!

So there we have it. I made two sizes of Teenie Weenie Santa Hats and they both winged their way off to J.

The next thing I knew was this message....

Need I say anymore! It was a huge success! The Teenie Weenie Santa Hat Mk1 turned out was a great fit. (I never knew that car gear knobs were all so different until this week but I guess you live and learn).

So here we have a happy end to another week. I have yet another happy customer! There's been lots of giggles and innuendos (apologies if you've been offended) and well, why not? Well it is nearly Christmas and I know that I'm already well and truly getting into the spirit of it, even if I am nearly waist deep in Ruby Red Merino Wool. You simply can't beat it and if you ask me.......

'Handmade is definitely better!'

After all, as my lovely Dad said this week "Well, where else could you buy a Merino Wool, handmade Teenie Weenie Santa Hat to put on your metal car gear knob to stop your fingers from being freezing cold?"

Until next time,

Enjoy your weekend folks and stay warm.

Claire xx

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