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Hehe! Did the title get you guessing for a moment? I hope so.

Let me enlighten you. Welcome to two new exciting members of the Dunnknit Designs collection, the MALPAS MIDWAY and the TABLEY TALL.

Following on from my lovely 'BUNBURY BUMPER FOOTSTOOL' we now have a mid sized stool the 'MALPAS MIDWAY' and a tall bar sized stool, the 'TABLEY TALL'. I hope you like the names?

So how big are they all and why the new additions?

Well, the smallest of the wooden leg family with it's little stumpy, chunky wooden legs is the BUNBURY BUMPER FOOTSTOOL.

Measuring in at just 32cm tall this is a firm favourite and my absolute best seller. It's great to use as a footstool and is an ideal extra seat for the small members of the family. It's available in lots of different colours.

However, I've lost count of the number of enquiries that I've had now from people asking whether I could make a taller stool in the same crocheted style. Well here they are!

Welcome to the new 'MALPAS MIDWAY'. This is a medium height stool that is ideal for a dressing table or desk or simply as an extra seat to be admired by your family and friends.

Standing at approx 48cm tall the 'MALPAS MIDWAY' is simply that useful size stool that every household needs. In our case it's usually when there's one extra around the dinner table and we have to start hunting around the garage for something suitable and clean. Well not any more!

So what about the 'TABLEY TALL'?

Once again I have had lots of requests for a bar sized stool. I guess there are more and more of us who are embarking on kitchen/ diner make overs which often include that small area where a high stool is needed. (Says she about to do just that! We're only in the planning stage though, there haven't been any walls knocked down yet! There'll definitely be three of these beauties in the plans though.)

Or maybe you have just moved house and are in need of a couple of high stools for use at your beautiful breakfast bar. (Well a girl can dream!)

Measuring in at approx 73cm tall THE TABLEY TALL is around the standard height for a bar stool.

Anyhoo, I hope that these few pics give you a quick in sight as to what these two lovely newbies look like. They are made from solid wood and the Merino Wool covers not only give you a good amount of cushioning for those of you lucky enough to have boney posteriors but the covers are removable too!

Oh and did I mention that they are available in a stack of different colours?

And... I'm thinking of selling the covers separately too so you can mix and match. Let me know what you think!

Wowee, I'm now feeling such a sense of relief, now that I've put this blog together. It's a strange feeling to suddenly share something that you have been working on for so long. The Malpas Midway and The Tabley Tall really have been in the making for such a long time as I'm a true fuss pot and will only add a new design to the collection once I know it's right.

From the original design, to sourcing materials and believe it or not my biggest headache with these two designs has been the packaging which I've ended up having bespoke made. Yep it's all in the fine details from start to finish and it all takes time and lots of it.

So from an exhausted yet relieved me, may I wish you all a fantastic week ahead. I hope you're all cosy and warm in your chunky knits cuddled up avoiding the cold and the snow, I know I will be (for some of it anyway).

Until next time

Claire x

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