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The New 'KINGSLEY LOOP' Bed Runner

Hi everyone, first of all can I apologise for my absent Blog post last week. It was simply one of those hectic weeks which ended up with a very soggy long weekend away in Hampton on Thames for the Rowing Hampton Head race where we got absolutely drenched. But less of that, things have been a little less hectic this week here at Dunnknit Designs HQ and exciting things have happened.

A little background info.....

It all started off early in 2017 when we were decorating our daughter’s bedroom (soon to be 16) and we were looking for new bedding that would match the bedroom decor (as you do!). She wanted it to be bright but just wanted to add a 'WOW' factor to the new bed. Now the many blankets that I make could have fit the bill to add that finishing touch but we decided together that a chunky, loopy look Bed Runner would be perfect.

So out came the sketch book and I seemed to spend months on and off going through my Granny's old knitting books looking for an old fashioned stitch that was that little bit different and would give me the loopy WOW factor that I was looking for. Eventually I came up with a plan...... As always I discussed it with my wonderful Dad (the woodturner and maker of all of my tools) to see if what I had in mind was at all possible. The only problem was that I was after the biggest knitting needles he had ever made. They needed to be 2 meters long and as fat as humanly possible in order to give me the giant loop effect that I was after for my new design. It was going to be a challenge but Dad set to work......

And these are the result! Dad presented them to me last week, which is partly why my week 'went to pot' as I couldn't wait to try them. They are 2 meters long and wider than I can even hold in my hands. If I'm honest I was a little worried as to whether I could handle them but I had a quick try and they were fine. They're bigger and heavier than my usual 2 meter long giant knitting needles but Monday this week was my big day to really get to grips with them and make the WOW Bed Runner that has been so long in the planning. I was up to date with orders so Monday was it!

Now I had a sketchbook Plan A, B and C along with some beautiful Damson coloured Merino Wool which had been bought especially for the job so I set to work. Plan A failed by lunch time as being such a fuss pot about my designs, I just wasn't happy with the result, even though I quite liked the stitch. That attempt got completely undone! Then it was time for Plan B. Dad popped round to see how I was getting on and could see I was in full on design head mode so he didn't stay long. Then to cut a long story short, after my giant knitting had been undone many times, I was eventually ecstatic with the result. (By 9pm the family had fed themselves and the house hadn't been touched all day but I was jumping up and down at the result of my very long day of knitting).

So here we have the lovely new 'KINGSLEY LOOP' Bed Runner. It has turned out just how I had imagined. Not too big and heavy, it has huge loopy stitches which showcases the stunning Merino Wool beautifully and it's double sided. By that I don't mean that it's the same stitch on each side like some of my other designs but it is actually double layered. It's absolutely perfect for a Bed Runner.

For those of you who have been following my story this week over on Instagram and have been asking, a big thank you for your interest. The Kingsley Bed Runner will be available on the website very soon in the new 30 blanket colour options and it certainly has the WOW factor that I was looking for. Also, because it's not too big and heavy it's super manageable for those of you who like the look and feel of a giant Merino knit but just couldn't face the sheer scale and size of them. Personally I love them all, but I would wouldn't I?

So there you have it, a short, yet sweet peep into my latest design. I have 3 big projects in the pipeline for Spring/ Summer 2018 and this is simply the first one that I couldn't wait to share. The other two projects are all complete and ready to share. In fact I've even had the boxes made up specially for shipping but I'm telling myself to be patient and take things a little slower this year! "I know it's exciting but pace yourself Claire" is all I keep hearing my Dad saying and as always he's right. It's amazing when a plan comes together though! We even had a celebratory dinner at home with Dad on Wednesday evening! It was lovely!

Until next time when you never know there might some more newness to share!

Mind you, we have got Valentine's Day next week! I'd best get organised! In the meantime, thanks for listening.

Claire x

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