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No it's not a dance! It's little old me sharing something new yet again. After all it is starting to look a tad like Spring outside even though it does still feel like Winter. It's definitely still cold up North anyway and I'm itching to 'Spring' into action and share lots of new things with all you lovely lot! It's definitely still giant blanket weather.

So what else is new?

OK, so I have to admit that I've been holding on to this one since last Autumn when I had the idea that I wanted to try out a new 'Cable Knit' design. I just had one problem, I needed a giant cable needle and yes you guessed it, you can't just pop to town or to the likes of John Lewis to pick one up. Not at 50mm diameter anyway. So it was yet another discussion with my amazing 'Wood-turning' Dad over a yummy dinner and look what he created out of a piece of our old Beech kitchen work top? It'a a work of Art in itself and is sooo smooth.

It's an absolutely stunning double ended Cable needle which is exactly what I was looking for. Plus I'd had my eye on this new Olive Green Merino Wool which I was desperate to try it out on.

So I set to work, the sketch book got it's usually battering and I even did tester pieces with smaller knitting needles and chunky wool to play around with the pattern. I had a bed runner in mind but the result is a lovely throw that could be used anywhere in the home. I love the detail in it and hope you do too!

The giant cable design for once turned out exactly how I wanted it to on my first attempt too. I don't know about you but I love green and this Olive shade shows up the twisted stitch of the cable beautifully.

So once I'd made this beauty which by the way measures approximately 160cm x 70cm it needed a name. Now those of you who know me and the beautiful part of Cheshire where we live, I've tried to keep all of the names of my Chunky Knits local. So what better a name than 'THE TARVIN TWIST'.

Honestly, I think more time goes in to thinking of a name for a design sometimes than the actual design itself. I've certainly got members of my lovely family to thank anyway for their imaginative naming ideas. They're all created from great memories that's for sure!

So here it is, in all it's splendour! Welcome to the new 'TARVIN TWIST'. I think this Olive Green one might just be a keeper!

All that's left for me to do now is to pop this lovely new design up on the website shop which is definitely on my 'to do' list for the weekend as I have a couple of orders for it already. Oh and as with all Dunnknit Designs The Tarvin Twist will be available in lots of absolutely stunning Merino colours too!

So that's all for this week folks. I hope you love the new 'TARVIN TWIST' as much as I do. I think this along with the new KINGSLEY LOOP are two of my favourites so far. I love every minute of making them. So what colour would you choose?

Now it's back to the sketch book!

Until next time....

Claire x

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