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Ok, so it's taken me nearly a month but here they are! A big thank you to those of you who have been enquiring about this project after my little tease in a recent blog post.

At last the ‘VIEW FROM MY WINDOW' collection are all finished, primed and framed in these lovely little box frames that show them off beautifully.


All 6 pictures were handcrafted on location in West Sussex and feature the view from my window of the South Downs in their ever changing glory. During the Winter season in particular, it's simply amazing just how quickly our good old British weather can change, thus changing our view of the landscape completely.


We all lead such busy lives but do you ever just stop, take a deep breath to appreciate what is around you and look up? Well after such a busy lead up to Christmas this is exactly what I did and this collection is the result.


I deliberately wanted to capture the same view from the same window to reflect the ever changing weather. Each day the patterns and colours in the sky were fascinating and the shadows created on the landscape were simply mesmerizing!


From frost to some early morning Winter sunshine, we had it all. The constantly changing sky displayed every shade of blue, grey, yellow and white. The fields in all their glorious shades of green, gold and brown had an ever dancing array of shadows which occasionally I had to take a quick photograph to capture. (I can't work that fast!)


The colours of our ever changing landscape are simply stunning! I have been absolutely fascinated at how the same view can look so different on different days and even at different times of the day. Obviously the sky is changing constantly but I was enthralled at how the ever changing levels of light changes our view of the landscape too.


On a particularly snowy day this was the resulting sunset. The shadows on the ground were beautiful and the colours of the sky, well, need I say anymore?

Overall, this was a completely accidental project. Yes I take my Needle Art Kit and sketch book nearly everywhere with me and I have seen this view lots and lots of times over the last 17 years that we have visited, but never before have I truly captured this beautiful view! I'm so glad I did. I love the colours of this collection and I hope you do too.

I hope I don't sound soppy now, but to just stop and look up from our busy schedules every now and again can be so enlightening. I know I certainly needed a break after working so hard in 2017 and creating these lovely little Merino Artworks during a family break almost felt like therapy. They all definitely evoke a feeling of 'Beauty and Calm'.

So, now these little beauties are all framed and are looking for their new forever homes. If you do fancy a glimpse of a beautiful, calm landscape to look at occasionally in your home then they're listed on the website in the Artwork section.

Now that's a big job ticked off my list for January. I just about made it!

Until next time, enjoy your weekend folks, my giant knitting needles are calling as I have some cosy blankets to make. Stay warm!

Claire x

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