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Welcome to the new Crocheted Beanie and the Interchangeable Pom-Pom Bobble Hat.

So here they are! The surprise that I've been teasing you all with for the last few days on Instagram.

As you can see I've been a busy bee over the last few months preparing for my favourite time of the year. I absolutely love the colours in Autumn and have come up with a couple of new designs to help accessorise your Autumn/ Winter wardrobe. After all it's going to start getting colder any time soon and it'll be scarf and hat season before we know it. It's time to get prepared.

So what have I made? Well, after lots of sketches and experimenting I have eventually decided on two designs. A classy option and a fun Pom-Pom bobble hat option with a twist.

Firstly, let me introduce you to the CROCHETED BEANIE HAT.

My Granny was a whizz when it came to crocheting and year after year she would make me a crocheted hat to match whatever colour Winter coat I had bought, just because 'It all had to match'. I would add brooches of all shapes and sizes but I love those hats and have kept them all. So after studying my Granny's pattern carefully I have come up with a version of my own using the softest Chunky Merino Wool and there are 17 colours to choose from too. Yes 17!

So here it is......

Spot the lovely handmade poppy flower brooch from Cornishhandmade too. You can find Lucy Leach's designs on Etsy. This is her ditsy daisy appliqué and it's absolutely beautiful. (Perfect for this time of year!) I love to add an embellishment to my hats to really make them individual but they look great in their own right too.

So there you have it! Well a few examples anyway. I couldn't post all of the colours on here as you'd be here all day reading this but I hope you get the idea of this lovely new design.

Now on to the fun!

Next up we have a good old Chunky Merino Knitted Pom-Pom Bobble Hat (with a twist).

So what's the twist?

Well, I love to wear a Pom-Pom bobble hat with a casual outfit but don't always feel that it suits a smart jacket or coat. So here's where I've given you the option of removing your Pom-Pom. Yes, each Pom-Pom bobble is simply fastened by a soft fabric ribbon that is tied in a bow inside the top of the hat. (The knit is a perfect weight so that you can just slip the two strands of ribbon through the knit and tie with a bow on the inside. It's that simple and the hat is the perfect size that you don't feel the ribbon on the top of your head either).

This then means that when it comes to choosing your own hat you can simply choose your favourite hat colour, then choose which coloured Pom-Pom bobble you'd like to add to it so you can completely mix and match and make up your own colour combination of hat. Yes, you can make up your own design that no-one else will have. You could even add two or three Pom-Poms if you wanted to. (We've had such a giggle trying this out- Princess Leia has nothing on us!)

Or of course you can simple wear your hat as a plain knit or again add a favourite pin or brooch to decorate it. The possibilities are endless. They look great either way as the beauty is in the super-soft Merino Wool.

So what are the colours on offer for both of these designs? Well you've had a peek at a few of the colours already and the full listing is up on the website but here's a few more of the colours that are available and there's still more!

Plus I've decided to add in a little something extra special for the cold season in the form of two multi-coloured Pom-Poms. Take a peek at the "Pink Multi' and the 'Yellow Multi'. What do you think?

Obviously due to the fact that all of my hats are handmade and the Pom-Poms are hand cut, each item is ever so slightly different, but as with any handcrafted item this only adds to their individuality and charm. However, for me, apart from the absolutely stunning colours, it's the super-soft feel of the Merino Wool that draws you in. After all it's hypoallergenic and there's no 'itch' factor. It's absolutely beautiful and has to be felt and seen to be believed. If only our screen's had 'feelovision'.

Well now that you've had a taster of what's on offer for the coming season at Dunnknit Designs, I hope you'll enjoy choosing your colours and may even put in a cheeky order on the website. (Did I really just say that?)

Until next time,

Stay warm, stylish and the envy of all your friends,

Claire xx

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