The colours we see all around us are incredible somethimes and this little Artwork 'BEYOND' along with its sister 'OUT THERE' are the result of an almighty storm that we had a few weeks ago where the sky was an absolute array of colour.  I was simply mesmerized by the colours and shape formations in the sky and just had to capture this sight in my favourite medium, Merino Wool.


What is it made of and how big is it?
Each picture is handcrafted using a backing of felt, various sizes of giant felting needles and of course Merino wool.
The actual image approx 10cm x 10cm
The overall frame size approx 16.5cm x 16.5cm
Frame is in White (FSC Certfified) and has both a hanging hook and stand.

So why Merino Artwork for Dunnknit Designs?
Merino Artworks have always been on the cards for Dunnknit Designs from the very beginning and whenever I get the time, I just love to combine my Fine Art and Textile experience to create these unique pieces.