This little beauty is one of a new Collection of six mini needle Artworks from Summer 2018. Every summer I venture out on my travels armed with my trusty needle art kit to work outdoors and this was my absolute favourite view on a beautiful summers day when the sky was simply breathtaking. I just had to stop for the afternoon and capture this beautiful view in Merino Wool. 


What is it made of and how big is it?

Each picture is handcrafted using a backing of felt, various sizes of giant felting needles and of course Merino wool.

The actual image approx 10cm x 10cm

The overall frame size approx 18cm x 18cm

Frame is in White (FSC Certfified) and has both a hanging hook and stand.


So why Merino Artwork for Dunnknit Designs?

Merino Artworks have always been on the cards for Dunnknit Designs from the very beginning and I love having the opportunity for a short time each summer to combine my Fine Art and Textile experience to create these unique pieces. 



I love to work outside where possible but often work from photographs that either I've taken on my travels or my amazing photographer family members have taken. I'm so lucky to have a few contacts who kindly send me such beautiful photos and I've worked on a few commission landscapes too, so just let me know through the contacts page on the website if this is something you fancy doing. The possibilites are endless!