Based on a traditional Nordic crocheted design, the pattern for this Beanie Hat has been passed down my family from generation to generation.  Each time being changed ever so slightly to give it a modern up to date twist. Now it's my turn, and I have adapted this particular pattern so that it works beautifully with my chunky Merino Wool.  The very nature of this wonderfully soft material makes it ideal to use for a hat.  Worn close to the skin Merino Wool does not itch and is naturally hypoallergenic.  It's ability to regulate temperature also means that whilst keeping you lovely and warm on those cold days, you won't overheat either.


Available in lots of different colours, the Beanie Hat measures approx 23cm (9") from the crown to the rim of the hat and is approx 25cm (10") diameter when measured flat.


This is a great hat to either wear as it is or to add an embelishment or brooch of some kind.  It's trendy as a casual style hat but is also very stylish for those smarter occasions too!


A great gift for someone special or a great treat for yourself for the winter months.

Once knitted up, each hat gets carefully hand processed to make the Chunky Merino wool as durable as possible whilst still being wonderfully soft and cosy.
(please bear in mind that each item is slightly different due to the hand finish and natural wool)

Spot clean any spills and dry clean when necessary. This is a handmade item made from natural unspun wool so as with any woollen product, pilling me occur with heavy use, pilling is not a defect but can be trimmed accordingly.