We all love to wear a good old Pom-Pom Bobble Hat right?  Maybe it takes us back to our childhood where lets face it, most of us probably wore one at some point or other.  They're just great! 


Here we have a modern version of the very same traditional 'Bobble Hat' but with a twist.

The twist is that the Pom-Pom on this hat is 'interchangeable'.  Yes you can change it either to match outfits or you can simply remove the Pom-Pom from the hat altogether and wear it as a simple toasty warm Beanie style.

Each Pom-Pom bobble is simply fastened by a soft fabric ribbon that is tied in a bow inside the top of the hat.  (The knit is a perfect weight so that you can just slip the two strands of ribbon through the knit and tie with a bow on the inside.  It's that simple and the hat is the perfect size that you don't feel the ribbon on the top of your head either).


Available in a selection of colours, all you have to do is choose your favourite hat colour, then choose whatever coloured Pom-Pom bobble you'd like to add to it so you can completely mix and match and make up your own colour combination of hat. You could even add two or three Pom-Poms if you wanted to or simply interchange colours depending on your mood. (See separate listing to purchase extra Pom-Pom interchangeable ribbon tie bobbles)

Then of course you can simply wear your hat without the Pom-Pom or add a favourite pin or brooch to decorate it. The possibilities are endless. They look great either way as the beauty is in the super-soft Merino Wool which is hypoallergenic, heat regulating and doesn't itch.


A great stylish gift for someone special or a great treat for yourself for the winter months.

Once knitted up, each hat gets carefully hand processed to make the Chunky Merino wool as durable as possible whilst still being wonderfully soft and cosy.

Measuring approx 23cm (9") from crown to the rim of the hat and 25cm (10") diameter when measured flat.  Pom-Poms are approx 10cm (4") diameter.
(please bear in mind that each knitted item is slightly different due to the hand finish and natural wool and the Pom-Pom's are all hand cut which adds to their individuality and charm)

Spot clean any spills and dry clean when necessary. This is a handmade item made from natural unspun wool so as with any woollen product, pilling me occur with heavy use, pilling is not a defect but can be trimmed accordingly.