Welcome to the new design of our much requested  'Malpas Midway' stool seen here in the lovely Mink Blush.


Standing at approx 45cm tall the Malpas Midway has a seat diameter of approx 35cm.


It consists of solid wooden legs and a padded seat top which has a Merino Wool cover that's removable.  Available in lots of different colours the Malpas Midway's cover is hand- crocheted using my giant Ash crochet hook and the most beautiful hyper-allergenic Chunky Merino Wool.  After each item is made up, I then process and finish each Merino Malpas Midway cover by hand to make it as durable as possible whilst still retaining the luxurious feel and texture that we associate with Merino Wool.  This processing is a real labour of love but definitely worth the wait.  (Please bear in mind that each one is slightly different due to the hand finish and natural wool)


The Malpas Midway is simply that perfect size stool that every household should have.


For example, requests for it have included:

To be used at a dressing table

A stool for a desk

An extra seat at the dinner table

An occasional seat in the liiving room

In the hall so I can put my shoes on

For the conservatory

To be used in the new summer house

Light enough to lift outside in the summer

For a special house warming gift

A sewing stool

and there's been many more.



The Malpas Midway cover is removable so spot clean any spills and dry clean only when necessary.  This is a handmade item made from unspun Merino wool so just as with any woollen item, pilling may occur with heavy use, pilling is not a defect and can be gently trimmed accordingly.