This beautiful 'One of a kind' Pom-Pom Blanket design is made from the stunning 'Bumble Bee' giant yarn which is a super soft combination of Merino Wool and Silk.


Prior to knitting up the blanket on my gigantic handmade needles, the giant yarn was split, treated and prepared. Once made up the blanket was carefully hand processed to make the Chunky Merino/ Silk speciality blend as durable as possible whilst still being wonderfully soft and cosy.


The Blanket measures approx 145cm long and 85cm wide and has 6 Pom-Poms in total (3 at each end which are simply attached by black ribbons so can easily be removed for care purposes or a change of design if you so wish)


The Pom-Pom Blanket makes a stunning Bed Runner or simply looks great slung over a sofa to add a splash of colour to a room. This unique blanket is definitely a cosy piece that will make a statement and it's unique, handcrafted style is sure to be admired. Whether it be used as a decorative piece or a cozy statement it would make a beautiful wedding gift, a special gift for a loved one or simply to add that something a little bit different to your own home.

Spot clean any spills and dry clean only when necessary. This is a handmade item made from unspun Merino Wool and Silk so just as with any woollen item, pilling may occur with heavy use, pilling is not a defect and can be gently trimmed accordingly.