Unlike the small Knotty Cushion in this collection I went to the opposite extremes on this one and super felted it to make it super hardy.  


Welcome to the Small Felted Button Cushion.  Along with one of Dad's gorgeous hand turned buttons this cushion would fit in anywhere or would make a great gift.  


Once again this is a Limited Edition design that has been specially made to celebrate Dunnknit Designs's 1st Birthday. (Hence the bargain price)


Measures approx 40cm x 30cm


As with every design from Dunnknit Designs this cushion has been handmade and then processed by hand to make it as durable as possible whilst still retaining the luxurious feel and texture that we associate with Merino Wool.


Spot clean any spills and dry clean only when necessary. This is a handmade item made from unspun Merino Wool so just as with any woollen item, pilling may occur with heavy use, pilling is not a defect and can be gently trimmed accordingly.