Sunset Sky is one of a collection of 6 Merino Wool Needle Artworks new to Dunnknit Designs.  It was handcrafted on location in West Sussex.  Each one of the 6 Artworks capture the same landscape view where I have tried to represent the changes in our good old British Weather.   During the Winter season in particular it's amazing how quickly our skyline views change.  The patterns and colours in the sky were fascinating and the shadows created on the landscape were simply mesmerizing!

Most of the time we simply don't stop to appreciate the beautiful changing landscapes around us.  

Do you ever just stop, take a deep breath to appreciate what is around you and look up as that's exactly what I did for a week whilst creating this set of Needle Artworks.


What is it made of and how big is it?

Each picture is handcrafted using a backing of felt, various sizes of giant felting needles Merino wool.

The actual image approx 10cm x 10cm

The overall frame size approx 18cm x 18cm

Frame is in White (FSC Certfified) and has both a hanging hook and stand.


So why Merino Artwork for Dunnknit Designs?

Merino Artworks have always been on the cards for Dunnknit Designs from the very beginning and at last I have had the opportunity over the last few months to combine my Fine Art and Textile experience to create these unique pieces.  No two are the same and although I have worked with this method of needle art for years, the time has eventually come for me to share this old fashioned skill that isn't often seen these days.